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I Help people learn Internet Marketing and Improve Themselves via Personal Dev't
I Help people learn Internet Marketing and Improve Themselves via Personal Dev't

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Here's Francis Ochoco's PLR Videos on making money marketing online - there's over 50 video courses !

Good value.  {Click through to read my post}
It details entire courses - what they're about

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Ways To Brand Yourself: Get Authentic, Be Consistent ! - Get educated about personal ways to brand yourself: From the design you use on your blog to the tone of your discussion (writing), you create your own personal blog persona and style. Even the Sidebar represents you. There are of course other ways of branding oneself - Signature Lines used in Forums, Favicons, or Avatars and Gravatars can represent you. Or you might develop a comic strip and write it! Whatever you do, be consistent with your message, and authentic with your personality (or Persona). Don't be outraged and angry, if you are not normally so. Be upbeat and positive, if that's how you were as a child. It might be ok to be sarcastic once in a while (like in a tweet), but by and large you REALLY want to be your authentic self - across all venues (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YT, Vimeo, Pinterest etc)

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My post on "CREATING A BLOG FROM SCRATCH ". Also, I discuss #Related  #Keywords . It's very 'Step by Step'.

2 VIDEOS At my Post - For Beginners:

There's a "How To Blog for Beginners" video, and also a Video entitled "How to Make a Blog".

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WAYS To Brand Yourself:  Be Sure To Lay Out a Cohesive Plan

New post I made to share a few thoughts, and resources, too.  It's really helpful to plan out yr strategy - when you are going to blog, you need to know what your blog's personality will be (Funny, sarcastic, inspiring, helpful, angry, etc.).

It's a good idea to put some thought into things ahead of time. 

Figure out the Design of your blog.  There's a really useful youtube video on this - SEE:

Lauryn Evarts:
[of The Skinny Confidential ]

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Made a video explaining "Ways to Brand Yourself" - it's 5 min. long.
Touches on the QUALITIES You should have, if you want to be an internet marketer [a.k.a Online marketer ] :


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Find Exotic desserts like Pistachio Cheesecake, Velvety Almond-Flavored ANGEL Food cake,  Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Banana Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce, Key Lime Pie Lasagna .. and More !!

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I've posted a TON of  #Healthy #Snacks on my PINTEREST BOARD - I took a LOT of Time to select these .

Hope you enjoy !

For those of you interested in "Local", I want to share a pretty helpful tool  [espec. IF you are a beginner with video SEO ] -

It's Matt Bush's EZ Video Creator.  You might want to check it out.  It's easy to get going w/ this [think 'simplicity' ] - WHY?  Because you don't have to create a Video script, and then a video.

It helps you to carve out videos for Local businesses easily.  THEN, as you watch Matt's helpful video training, you can improve your skills. His tutorials assist you in outsourcing some of the work, to Fiverr.

This way, you can build your business (EXPAND) and grow naturally.  It's a good way to LEARN, and you feel less pressure, as your videos are ez to create ..

 >> EZ Video Creator

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I want to SHARE with you all a NEAT Tool which helps you to ANALYZE your Paypal transactions  [it assists one in "seeing' what's going on inside your PAYPAL Dashboard]  - if interested go to:


You can view a video (1 min 50 seconds long) that will explain more.  One thing you can FIND out is which COUNTRY provides most of your sales.  This shows you trends in a Sales dashboard, and a Products dashboard [in the "Products Dashbrd', you'll see customer name and totals, and whether a transaction was completed]

It shows you which item gets refunded most, and about chargebacks, too.  Ultimately, you can see WHICH products have a  "STRONG FOOTHOLD",  and Which ones are weak.

Because Paydrill gives u the DATA and trends.  And You can EXPORT the List of paypal transactions [just takes a few seconds to compile ].


I get no Affiliate commission - just a helpful tip.

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For Recipe buffs - I added a lot of good material at my HealthySnacks Pinterest board:  You'll DEFINITELY Find something you like here {great variety, you see} - from mid-afternoon snacks to fruit smoothies to #healthy #breakfast #ideas..

If You'd like to learn about #BATCH #COOKING, visit:

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