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For friends interested in learning art in the Toronto area (for themselves or their kids). Sylvia is a fantastic teacher, very talented artist and a great person.

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We are Hiring!

Are you interested in designing next generation advertising APIs and SDKs?  Are you passionate about helping developers?  Are you in a tech role and want to interact with your users just a bit more?

If the answer is "YES", check out

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Intoducing Ads Developer Relations Team

The Ads DevRel team is a very global team (we're spread over 10 locations!) working to support our developers across multiple products. You've already met some of us during the workshops and talked to us on the forum. We'd like to take it one step forward and introduce everyone on the team to you, uncovering what's behind the scenes.

This week we're introducing +Marc Wandschneider:

Hi, my name is Marc Wandschneider, and I'm brand new to Google — I've only been here a few months.  I grew up in Canada, worked for Microsoft in the 1990s, and then moved around before settling in China for seven years.  I've recently moved back to the West to work for Google in London.

I'm very passionate about both Node.JS and mobile device programming, so am always looking for projects that will let me combine my daytime job working with AdWords with these other technologies.  

I currently am spending a lot of my time learning about what it is I do for a living.  This is a completely new area for me, so I'm having to put a lot of energy into learning about the AdWords API and the partners whom I will be helping. I am also desperately trying to stay thin with all of the free food they throw at us here at Google. It's complete and utter madness.

Indeed, the APIs we work with are often so feature rich and powerful, that we have to spend a little bit of time figuring out how to make it all work exactly as we wish.  It can be pretty complicated some times.

I'm really enjoying working for Google.  I'm quite proud to work for a company that takes its customers privacy and data security so seriously. It's hard making everybody happy, but I think we have a great balance here.

In my spare time, I love to travel, learn languages, do yoga, and motorcycle.  I'm also a licensed airplane pilot, but haven't done that in some years. If I get some free time, I might pick it up again!

I'm always excited to work on cool new projects, and hope to be able to contribute to some cool new stuff here at Google over the next few years.


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Introducing Ads Developer Relations Team

From West to East, today we introduce +Ryuichi Hoshi from Japan:

Hi, my name is Ryuichi Hoshi working at Tokyo Office, and I've been here just over one year. Prior to joining Google, I have been working as Software Engineer and similar jobs in companies like small system integrator with less than 20 people, ERP Package vendor, global software company and investment banking. 

I am helping our partners who uses AdWords API from business and technical perspective. Using technology is a key for scaling their business and I am passionate about helping their business grow with the technologies. Creating a new tool to prove the new idea such as improving account performance, choosing better keyword is a really fun part of my job as an Engineer.

For the other parts of my life, I am board game lover, especially of Othello (aka Reversi) and Go game as a player and software developer, though I have less chance to attend the tournaments after my kids dominate most of my time on the weekends. My next goal in this area is to create a tool that visualize one's skill of the game so that they can improve their skill effectively.

I am very excited to work towards innovation with developers both inside and outside of Google!


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We just published our schedule for this year's #io13   with a number of awesome Ads sessions lined up for you as part of the "Google Ads" track.

If you're going to #io13  , we hope to see you there! Check back on schedule for few more sessions we plan to add.

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Just finished my OAuth 2.0 talk at the AdWords API workshop in Hamburg

If you attended it, or if you're just interested in OAuth2 on AdWords, check out the slides and resources below.

A good session, I think they really took away the difference between the accessToken and refreshToken, why OAuth 2.0 is better than ClientLogin and the expected errors such as OAUTH_TOKEN_INVALID and INVALID_GRANT_ERROR. Some good questions coming from the audience at the end too.

Slides and Links: slides and links | awapiworkshops

#awapiworkshops   #oauth2   #hamburg  

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We are planning a very exciting round of AdWords API Workshops around the world, staring on March 18th. We'll focus on the latest release of the API, v201302, with news, updates, best practices, and Q&A panel. Follow the link for registration info.

The locations are:
- San Francisco, March 18th
- London, March 18th
- Hamburg, March 20th
- Amsterdam, March 22nd
- New York City, March 22nd
- Paris, March 25th - New Location added this year
- Sydney, April 9th - New Location added this year
- Tokyo, April 12th

Workshop topics include:
- Latest on the AdWords API
- Enhanced Campaigns & New Extensions Support
- New Bidding & Budgeting in the AdWords API
- New & Improved MCC Services
- Account Performance Tracking & Optimization (and introducing a new tool Kratu)

We are looking forward to seeing you there! And for those who can't make it in person, we will be recording all sessions.

#adwordsapi  #workshop #hackton

Tokyo AdWords API Workshops was a hit and is all wrapped up. Looking forward to organizing sessions here in another six months!

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"Last night a chat room changed my life" Jenna Wortham of the New York Times
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