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The worldwide online dressage competition website

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Welcome Just Equine Ltd, April’s Prelim class sponsor! Prizes: £17.50, £15.50, £13.50

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Find out more about one of the team members behind Dressage Anywhere in this great blog post from +Rhea Freeman PR.

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Feeding the dressage horse - Trickle Net has the answer

Trickle Net has the answer to feeding the dressage horse, particularly when you're concerned about keeping the dressage horse fit when turn out and a busy competition schedule add extra challenges!

Trickle Net has been specially designed with small 25mm holes, which slows down the rate horses and ponies at their forage.

You can WIN a Trickle Net in our March Prelim competition class!

#dressage #onlinedressage #dressagehorse

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Big welcome to #HorseHour!

HorseHour is a fab resource for any equestrian, whether you're a rider, a trainer/coach or have an equestrian business. As the host of the UK's first online social networking hour dedicated to the equine community, HorseHour also regularly publishes a podcast featuring some of the best names and businesses in the industry and discusses the hot topics of the day.

During March, HorseHour is supporting our Introductory class, with a whopping £100 to the winner of the class! Second and third place riders will each receive the HorseHour Dressage Music Podcast worth £30.

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Dressage Anywhere at Berkshire Riding School

Rosie Lord, BHSI, Director and owner of the Berkshire Riding Centre: 'I am so pleased we have found Dressage Anywhere. It has given my clients a greater level of focus with their riding; they can now set their own goals and have a very real measure of their progression on results day.'

#dressage #onlinedressage

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1. Ride & film your test
2. Upload your video
3. Download your scoresheet
4. Win prizes and rosettes!
#dressage #dressageanywhere #competeonline #onlinedressage

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Merry Christmas to all of our members, competitors, judges and sponsors. A huge thank you for a very successful and exciting 2016!

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Jan 2017 schedule live & open for entry. Click Enter Now for all schedules. #BYRDS #RDA #ThePonyClub #Wobbleberries

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