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Came across this growing by the side of a path on our way to the Half Moon in Plumpton. It also caught the eye of our friend who was visiting who runs Alexandra Nursery in Penge (think Petersham on a smaller community scale). I've not seen it before but rec...

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Rhizocarpon geographicum - Map Lichen
My annual Scottish winter trip was based in Tongue, Sutherland, at the end of January. Our time was bookended by two storms: Gertrude and Henry. Consequently we enjoyed spectacular weather: howling winds whipping the skin off the sea on Loch Eriboll; stingi...

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A new species. Possibly not the first this year as I've managed to identify a few mosses and liverworts, but I was reminded of the blog by one of my erstwhile readers whilst we perambulated Box Hill in Surrey and nudged into action.  Box Hill is famous for,...

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Little Egret
"Little egret" by Karthik Easvur - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons So here is the 365th post for 2015. I have scratched my head about which species to make the last. All the species I have photos of have been included already and I didn't ...

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Azure Damselflies
A pair of Azure Damselflies, Coenagrion puella , flying in tandem and laying eggs in the pond back in June.

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Iris Rust
This Iris foetidissima leaf is infected by the Iris Rust, Puccinia iridis . It is the sort of life one overlooks, even as someone with an expressed interest in natural history. The Rusts are all in the genus Puccinia . They are all obligate parasites of oth...

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Labyrinth Spider
You have to look carefully but when you do you can just make out the palps of a labyrinth spider,  Agelena labyrinthica,  waiting patiently at the end its tunnel. It is common in the south of the country and is often referred to, inaccurately, as a 'funnel ...

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Neat Feather-moss
Another moss, this time collected on our Boxing Day walk across the Downs from Firle Beacon and back along the old coach road for a warming pint of Harveys in the Ram's snug. It is Neat Feather-moss, Pseudoscleropodium purum , and this is a terrible photo o...

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Dangling Marsh-lover
Yes, another find from Ashdown. I think it's the first hoverfly ( Diptera order, Syrphidae family) on the blog. I was looking at the excellent Hoverfly Recording site and according to them 106 hoverfly species have been recorded in my postcode (BN7)! This i...

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The Streakt Cloudy Hog
Having done the Streaked Golden Hog (aka Small Skipper) I realised I hadn't done this beauty, photographed during my extremely productive sojourn to Ashdown Forest back in July. It is the Large Skipper, Ochlodes sylvanus , the commonest of our eight Skipper...
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