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I've not forgotten alll the users in love with old time photography out there, so i'm back with a new post about Masters of Photography. So today we are talking about the one who has been named the father of colour photography: William Eggleston.

First of all, take a look at the website of his artistic Trust:

I've found an interesting quote about him and on The Observer:

“Back in the mid-Nineties, when Primal Scream were recording their album Give Out But Don’t Give Up in Memphis, they paid a call on Eggleston to ask if they could use Troubled Waters, his strange image of a neon Confederate flag and a palm tree, on the cover. ‘I remember he was wearing jodhpurs and leather boots, some kind of military outfit, and walking about with a rifle and a bayonet,’ recalls lead singer Bobby Gillespie. ‘When he heard we were Scottish, he sat down at the piano and started reciting great chunks of Rabbie Burns. It was surreal.’ Gillespie’s friend, the filmmaker Douglas Hart, takes up the story. ‘William and his wife were knocking back these massive drinks. He asked us to let him hear a song, and then he would decide if we could have the picture. We played him ‘Moving On Up’, and he fell on his knees and started shouting, ‘Bo Diddley! Bo Diddley! Y’all love Bo Diddley!’ He rummaged through his records and pulled out ‘I’m the Meat Man’, by Jerry Lee [Lewis] and played it so loud the speakers blew. Then his wife shouted, ‘Y’all want ribs?’ She insisted we all go to a local rib joint. It was wild.’ Gillespie nods in agreement. ‘He let us have the picture though. He was a true gent.’”
Here is the link of the whole article:

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