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In the Halls of Montezuma

I know you miss me, but i miss you all more.
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You must not miss us that much +Folletto Folletto :(
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#WeLoveMusicWednesday - NIN*

Tonight i'll go to see Mr. Trent! I really cannot wait! 
I'll leave my camera at home, i want to fully enjoy the show!
Stream Nine Inch Nails' New Album 'Hesitation Marks' in Full 

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Trent Reznor's first NIN album since 2008 arrives a week early via iTunes

#nineinchnails   #nin   #trentreznor   #hesitationmarks   #albumstream   #newmusic   #musicnews  
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I will!
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Heavy Demon

I'm back from my vacation and it's time to start again with my little photo theme: #AGameEveryDay ! This is a miniature painted by a friend of mine, it's quite impressive!

Death SS - Heavy Demons (This song is for +Andy Q. and +Frank Schillinger)
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+Andy Q. I had almost forgot them, but when i saw this miniature i started singing this song, and now i can't stop :)
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Folletto Folletto

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The stars you see in the night sky
Have been dead for centuries
And sunlight creates the illusion
Of life for all these years
Now i no longer trust these eyes of mine
The heart must speak to me
In tongues of forgotten voices

Dead Can Dance - Crescent
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+Elisa Caviola Basta trovare un posto un po' elevato dopo un paio di giorni di pioggia, senza troppe luci intorno.
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Hey Mr Soul, I Love You and I Hate You

I know you will never read this post, but i'm the guy in the front row in your show in Lucca. I was standing in front of you, with 9000 other guys behind me, all waiting for you.

I'm not upset, the show was great, the band was tight and the sound was simply incredible. I've almost cried during a couple of songs, i know i'm an hopeless romantic... What can i say? I loved this concert, really!

But i hate you, Mr Neil. I'm not one of the guys at my left, at their 20th show, this my first and maybe the last show of you (get back to Italy soon pls, i know i need more). 

Your fellow bass player said to Rolling Stone: When we were in Australia, we were in the same hotel with Kiss. We heard that one of them said, "I have the best gig in the world. I've been playing the same 17 songs for 35 years." We heard that and it didn't sit right with us. Our job isn't easy. It's not meant to be easy. Our job is to keep the edge, be out on the edge, always seeing, exploring the limits of what we do and who we are, never letting up. Spiritually and cosmically, not to sound all hippified, but we don't sound good unless we're really connected and on the edge of everything. "

Fuck You Mr. On the Egde

Where is My My, Hey Hey, Like an Hurricane, The Needle and the Damage Done, Old Man, Down by the River, Souther Man, Ohio, Like an Hurricane?

Were we blessed to listen Heart of Gold, Cinnamon Girl and Powderfinger? Or simply you liked more Roma to choose to play there Rockin in a Free World and Cortez the Killer?

Fuck You Mr Neil, I Love You!
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+Erwin Vindl This is why i love and hate him!
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Have him in circles
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#WeLoveMusicWednesday Live - NIN

Love you all
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Yes, we can try :) at work i'm always so busy, but i'll find a day or two for the gang!
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#WeLoveMusicWednesday is Back for a new Season!

I really cannot wait to see Mr. Trent, so i found this shot from my fellow +Paul R. Giunta totally incredible. A week more and i'll be to NIN show!

+Andy Q. +LaDonna Pride +Harmony Goodson +Trillian Petrova are you still in the game?
Trent Reznor at Outside Lands on Saturday night!
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+Thomas Paris so bad, +Paul R. Giunta you're my #WeLoveMusicWednesday  guru, and Trent, he's my fav!
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Timelapse Music - Where are the Photos?

When i was in Siena last week i was surprised to discover that Ludovico Einaudi would have played in the Piazza del Duomo, one of the most beautiful places on earth... So i bought my first row ticked and listened the soundcheck with lots of other turists. 
I did take a couple of shots of the ensemble, but the only one that really stand out is the one i'm posting now, i'm glad i had my tele with me.

After the soundcheck i did go to eat in a lovely restaurant, then to Piazza del Campo to take some sunset shots and in an hour i was ready for the concert.

His last album is called In A Time Lapse, music is haunting and perfect to fit in videos of moving stars and clouds, but sadly no images were projected on the stage and after one hour i found the show a bit boring. I hope Einaudi will forgive me, but after having seen Neil Young on stage the day before,...

This shot and this little story is for my friends of #WeLoveMusicWednesday : +Andy Q. +Harmony Goodson +LaDonna Pride +Trillian Petrova and for +Gemma Costa and #breakfastclub  

Ludovico Einaudi "Walk" (Official Video)
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Thanks Sumit!
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Folletto Folletto

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We Are Stars
We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

After two years i've finally spent an evening out shooting the stars with a couple of friends. The place we did pick is not isolated enough, and we didn't find anything interesting enough to be included as foreground, but we did some tries and we'll check the results in the next days. 

This is a quick edit of a 20sec f.4 10mm shot, i've just removed some noise and added contrast and a bit of clarity, tomorrow i'll see if i can edit in a better way. 

I think i'll need some help again to find the perfect settings for taking stars shots, for editing them and then to build a good lapse and maybe a stack for the trails. +Alexander S. Kunz are you still into Night Photography?

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Woodstock
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+Alexander S. Kunz for two years i felt the same, but last night i had a blast!
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I was looking for another shot for #MountainMonday  by +Michael Russell and i found a picture that is part of a timelapse i was working on almost two years ago, when i first discovered the magic of digital photography.

Long time ago i posted an overprocessed shot from the same lapse, now my tastes are really changed and i'm still learning lots about Lightroom, but you can check the difference with your eyes:
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+Sumit Sen This will be the start of my planning :) Thanks a lot!
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Have him in circles
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