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The heart is willing, but the brain has not yet acclimated to Google+. Hints?
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You'll find a great community here. It's that simple. Share your interests, get feedback, don't get lost in the crowd, and enjoy!
Hints for your brain... hmm, now that I think of it, consider it a 'rich media' twitter, in that you don't necessarily need to know someone before following them. Find people of interest to you and see what they have to say. You will meet new people. Try to avoid the 'social mediatrons' as they all generally focus on the differences of facebook and g+, and finally, again, meet some brilliant people.
As with Twitter +Carolyn Kellogg it's all about the right people and what you're into. Don't know if Alec Baldwin is on G+
I like to think of it like Twitter, but with full sentences.
I'm leisurely exploring...still mystified...when're we hanging?
It seems like a platform that tried/ tries to compete with facebook, but has a mix of business, networking and personal networking opportunities, the main difference being you can create circles with different people. Are you the Carolyn Kellogg that writes for the LA Times? Then I would put you in my "reporters" circles. Or, if I knew you personally, I could add you to several circles: reporters and friends. I'm halfway through a social media class and find this a cool, but underutilized platform.

I agree with Kristen in that one of the novel features is being able to categorize people into Circles. For instance, if I was to add you, +Carolyn Kellogg, to one of my Circles, it would be this one:

Women writers with pink hair, who like books, eat using utensils, update hair color more often than Google+, went to USC and enjoy setting desserts aflame Circle.

Circles are quite dynamic in that no matter that this particular Circle may stacked chock-full of members, there is no limit!

Now if you had a cat or cats or had access to same then that would change everything. As you know, cats are the true masters of Google+ as evidenced by the plethora of cute and fluffy photos of them. If you are blessed to have ready access to a cat and can operate the most rudimentary of imaging devices, then you would go into my:

Cat with a human about Circle.

Hope that makes it all a bit more clear for you.
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