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Weekend project: turn Raspberry Pi into an AirPlay receiver

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Trauriger Malteser. #DingeMitGesicht  

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This is a truly unfortunate piece of public art, which I saw last week in Atlanta. From one angle, you can convince yourself it looks a bit like a lion, but mostly it looks like a pile of you-know-what, even to the texture. I sometimes wonder who commissions buildings, and public art, and why they are allowed to foist their taste on an unsuspecting public.

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My posts have been melo-drama free thus far, so I'm allowed one.

Think of this picture next time you start your car: 
A Sudanese soldier lies face down in a pool of oil.

It's everything that's going wrong in world in one picture.


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Best costume ever!

via reddit

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See how the Internet is made, take a tour of a Google data center.

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Für die langen Winterwochenenden -> ein großartiger C64 Emulator für Mac OS X: VirtualC64! Funktioniert hervorragend! 

Hier steht wie man den Emulator installiert:

Hier gibt es die ROMs: 

Ich habe diese genommen:
1541-II.355640-01.bin (aus dem "drives@/1542" Verzeichnis)

Wo es die Spiele gibt sage ich nicht, aber Google. 

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Boston Dynamics: proudly developing new stuff for your nightmares since 1992
This cheetah robot can run shockingly fast

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Melinda and Bill Gates apparently said in an interview (in the print-only Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung) that their kids mustn't use smartphones. Their kids, aged 10-16, should "grow up normal".

"Our kids mustn't use smartphones" is the new "our kids mustn't watch TV".
While denying access to TV might just be quirkily old-fashioned, it doesn't do much damage. Denying your kids access to smartphones is like not teaching them to read or write until they are 16.

They will grow up in a world of hyper-connectivity that we can only just begin to imagine. They will be constantly connected to their friends and the huge data layer around them. Understanding and using this connectivity responsibly and to ones advantage, will be a key success factor and should be learned as early as possible.

And speaking of "normal". In a survey published this week, 34% of US teens said they owned and iPhone (1). Even in a laggard market like Germany, almost 1 out of 2 mobile phones sold today is a smartphone (2)

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