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Damian Coughlan
Born in Preston, England and now living in Michigan. I'm a news junkie and a big Denver Broncos fan.
Born in Preston, England and now living in Michigan. I'm a news junkie and a big Denver Broncos fan.

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Free Agency is a bit of a disaster so far for the Broncos. So much for Elway saying he'd address the team needs through FA. Most of the good offensive lineman have already gone so Denver will be forced to make a trade.

Just heard that the San Diego Chargers will announce their move to Los Angeles tomorrow and Mike McCoy will join the Broncos as their new offensive coordinator. Phillip Rivers has gone on record as,saying he'd leave San Diego if they left for LA. Could he be the starting QB in Denver next season?

I think Kubiak is done as head coach after this game. I expect him to resign because of health reasons and that would explain his body language throughout this whole game.

Can somebody please get the word to the Broncos offense that they have to win this game. Can't believe how badly they are playing tonight in a must win scenario.

Literally can't take watching this so called offense anymore.Glad the season is ending tonight. Get rid of the entire offensive line and the coaches too.

This game is there for the taking tonight, but the Broncos not showing much life at all. We need to get back to the no huddle offense and get in rhythm

AMAZING we are still in this game at halftime. The Offense looks almost as miserable as coach Kubiak on the sidelines. 

Another pathetic 3rd down for the Broncos when they needed a 1st down desperately. Offensive line is a joke. 

we're only down by 11 points, but it feels like we're down by 28. Come on defense!

Merry Christmas Broncos fans! Hopefully our guys will put on a good show at Arrowhead tonight. Keep thinking positive and we might just get the W tonight and keep the season going.
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