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Today, in the Pathfinder game I'm running, the Conjuror opened a pit beneath a Bodak.  The NPC Bard cast grease.  The so-big-she's-almost-Large Paladin sheathed Radiance, her inherited legendary holy sword, and picked up big rocks to throw down into the pit.

If I wasn't running on roll20 'cos I'm technically working right now, I'd be laughing my ass off.

Eh, fuck it, most of my contacts are chats right now.

Getting an ARC of a promising series from one of my favorite authors: Goodness.

Getting a Green Lantern Ring for Valentine's Day from my wife: AWESOMENESS.

Today is a good day to geek.

Second and fourth are my Exalted games JANUARY month. +Myranda Sarro are you still interested in Eclipsery for it?Which is to say, second and fourth saturdays.

+Mia K Sherman +Jeff Lessem +Greer Hauptman +Faded Ether +Jacob Mandel +Eric Kidder
And further edit-- would people be up for gaming this coming saturday?

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A hint for aspiring artists, yes, even including those who do your work manga style. If your work is entirely done in English, and you intend for it to have narrative comprehensibility, put your panels and action left to right.

Putting them right to left does not enhance the Manga style; it creates a distinct, unpleasant conflict between how you read and how you take visual input. It shatters narrative flow. If it is your INTENT to do so, you might want to include a better warning than a tiny little warning at the top that says "Remember, read right to left." That doesn't help, and just induces irritation, rather than whatever you intended to do with such a conflict.

For example, seemed to be shaping up as an interesting comic about the afterlife. But the more I read, the more literal nausea I felt from the rearrangement of focus from panel to panel. You're NOT being helpful. And if it isn't your intent to create input flow conflict, please, for the love of Art, don't try to produce a left to right visual story in a right to left format, as it will negatively impact the reader-art synthesis.
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