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Thirumoolar yoga siddha peedam Coimbatore Sivasivayogi is now in Swiss. To learn tamil yogas- astangayoga,vasiyoga kayakalpayoga,chandra yoga etc etc. Talks on spiritual and other subjects are also given. contact me at email

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Thirumoolar yoga siddha peedam has installed the idols of St.Thirumoolar and Nandheeswarar and celebrates Thirumoolar gurupooja every year. View
in SivayogiSivarajan you tube.
contact no:9486677366
Science is the outcome of an intelligent thought thru which it understands the actions and reasons which are subject to specific law, where the time limits the action and the space provides an opportunity to occupy the happenings.
[Nature's Law --> {Space} --> {Time}  = {Reasons + Actions}]
Reaction defines the desire and gunas , at a time, at a place this energy transforms to act and becomes the reason for it, consequently creating a fresh reaction, this cycle exist till the point of saturation.
Reasons has an inherent logical force , which is an outcome of an action  (Reaction)
Action has inherent Physical force , which is an outcome of a reason
Reason > Action > Reaction -> Reason > Action -> Reaction......................(S)
Quantum Law
Reasons and actions are wired , in other words the discrete energy which drives an action is proportional in magnitude to the frequency  of the logical reason which it represents

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Cheraman never converted to islam. The cheraman myth is only myth
It is not fact.In the myth it is said Cherman met Mohamad Nabi and 
converted to islam. Nabi died in seventh century and Cheraman 
left for Kailash along with Sundarar in the eigth century. The kerala
people are confused because Cheramans writings are not available in
malayalam. They are only in Tamil. He has written Ponvannathu anthathi, Thiruvaroor mummanikovai, Thirukayilaya jnanaula in Tamil
    His history is in Tamil Periapuranam, Thiruvilayadal puranam,
Thiruthondathohai, Thiruthondar thiruvanthathi, Yazh panam Arumuga navalar's poem.
      I have translated the books into malayalam and publish soon.
These writings will dispel the myth and bring to light reality

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