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On Sunday, April 29, 2012, Jacque Saladino was the victim of a deliberate hit and run.

She is currently in a medically induced coma and undergoing treatment for brain trauma and bone fractures at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Hollywood, California. Her injuries include a shattered pelvis, almost all of her ribs are broken, and a brain that is trying very hard to come to terms with the amount of trauma it has sustained. She may have an utterly broken body but her spirit remains strong and every day of care and recovery brings new hope and challenges.

Hope and challenges are nothing new to Jacque. Since first experiencing the movie E.T., Jacque fell in love with space, hoping to one day travel to the stars and knowing that there would be many challenges to that dream. Jacque, a political science major and fashion stylist, woke up one day and realized that she had muted her passion for space long enough and she was now ready to change the world for the better while orchestrating her roundtrip ticket to the cosmos. Jacque has spent the better part of the last few months working with two friends in the space industry on finding ways to integrate space and science into the general public in a way that is fun, interesting, and compelling. Her work has allowed her to become an integral part of the New Space community in LA and has helped form a movement to recalibrate general perceptions on how cool and important space actually is. While Jacque is a fighter, her journey ahead is long, intense, and expensive.

There is uncertainty as to what the extent of the medical bills will be, and given the nature of her injuries, it’s not yet known if insurance maximum coverages will be met. And further, beyond what insurance covers of Jacque’s medical bills and rehabilitation, she has a life to rebuild once she’s recovered. We are looking at many months of recovery- somewhere in a six months to a year time frame.

The good news is you can help fuel Jacque’s road to recovery by making a financial contribution - any amount of relief is sincerely appreciated. Together we can be Jacque’s Social Engineers as we raise funds to solve problems that she doesn’t even know she has coming. Please embrace your role in supporting Jacque’s road to physical and financial recovery by clicking on the link below...

We donated...and every cent counts...and you bet your sweet a**es if you ever need help I'll promote the hell out for you please give.
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