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Matti Eskelinen
Physicist, photographer, nerd
Physicist, photographer, nerd

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Combined image from three shots of the full moon + some curve fiddling.

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Tällainen uroteko tuli todistettua ja taltioitua, harmi että kamera halusi takkuilla oikein urakalla.

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This seems to contradict the previous study I saw about gender discrimination in academia ("Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students
", This latter targets the applicants to tenure-track positions, whereas the former was about lower-level positions. The latter makes a case for the problem really being in the supply of female applicants to the higher positions, using real-world hiring data:

"Real-world data ratify our conclusion about female hiring
advantage. Research on actual hiring shows female Ph.D.s are
disproportionately less likely to apply for tenure-track positions,
but if they do apply, they are more likely to be hired (16, 30–34),
sometimes by a 2:1 ratio (31). These findings of female hiring
advantage were especially salient in a National Research Council
report on actual hiring in six fields, five of which are mathematically
intensive, at 89 doctoral-granting universities (encompassing more
than 1,800 faculty hires): “once tenure-track females apply to a
position, departments are on average inviting more females to in-
terview than would be expected if gender were not a factor”"

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Following the new trend of slow television, I started a new Youtube channel a while back. It features the gruesome reality of nature encountered by every nature videographer: Animals doing absolutely nothing interesting. I will probably expand the concept later to include watching grass grow, but for now, there's animals.

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A timelapse of yesterdays solar eclipse, shot using my 100-400L 4-5.6 lens through an Astrosolar film. I was surprised to see that my lens could even capture a sunspot (visible in the upper left part of the sun.)

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I caught the Aurora Borealis as they shined in Jyväskylä. Sadly I did not have my camera ready when they were at they're strongest.
Northern lights
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I started selling stuff on RedBubble; If you've ever wanted nice posters/phone/covers/pillows with nature themed prints, now's your chance!

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Photos from a wander outside in the autumn light.
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