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Well done aliaa, very courageous.
Yeah, I encourage this kind of behavior, I think all wemon should protest and post nude pics of them on the web...

...Or just send them directly to my email :-)
Just shows the strength some have, tip of the hat, better yet... hats off to her, and a full moon to those a-holes who promote treating the better half as objects.
I've always supported women who want to take nude photos of themselves. Way to go girl!
I am not sure if this is a good way to promote free speech and women rights in Egypt. I think it is better to first tackle more pressing problems of women not having equal role in Egypt's society? This act might distract from these issues and muddle the debate?
+Zdenek Zraly I agree with you and it's why I ridiculed it. There are many more things that she could have done...

Did she consider making them sandwiches?
+Andy Cameron I agree but at the same time change in people's attitude takes decades as many people hang on traditions/religions/cultural beliefs (slavery, women's equality, gay rights etc). It is a long journey and it might be better to take small steps rather than drastic "extreme" jump?

In this case most people might not be ready (educated) for such a dramatic change in their society? cheers
I bet though, if it had been some guy doing it(or some woman who is not a 'cute' student), he/she would have been labelled a complete pervert before the first paragraph. By everyone above.
The "small steps" view is BS. Women have been taking steps for thousands of years, kiddo.

This young woman had the guts to put life and limb (and a few other things) at risk. For that, we(everyone) should shout support, not condemnation in her direction. The condemnation should be levied at those who would be thrilled to see anyone who is different, separated.
If people are not educated, who's at fault for that? I can think of a few guilty parties, but for the sake of decency and time and won't mention any names other than religion, racism, tradition, general assholism, sexism.
You make it sound like nudity is a bad thing.
I don't get this Puritanical, anal retentive view of bodies.
If it is too hot, dress up to keep from being burned.
If it is too cold, dress up to stop from getting frost bite..
Anything in between? It really is none of your business what someone wears or doesn't wear..
Really. Mind your own freaking business. Everyone country is in some kind of mess. get over it. Every country has porn. That is nothing new.
Sadly, unless there are people who are so wound up about how sinful the human body and who will track her down to kill her as some horrible person, she will be forgotten.
Those are the people who need to drag their view into the 21st century or hopefully just die off. She is not going to change much at all.. Neither will those people. Simply because people think women need to be covered up, protected, knocked up and saved, etc.. or any number of excuses.. Or just beaten if they look at another person.. That's a good one too.
When women stand up, they are denounced as the problem.. F*ck that. Grow up, you insecure boys.
Niiice, +Dave Lister it's sad how women are "protected" over there. Freedom isn't always comfortable for everyone all the time.
thanks for posting. Not sure whether this brave or foolish? It is certainly a way to get people to notice and talk. Maybe desperate.
I think she is brave because she is risking her life. I also think young people are desperate seeing how extremists are trying to gain power. We will have to see whether this will help or hurt the liberal movement.
now onwards i understands d power of woman ,she explored her "extreme weapon" which could be massive influencing without destruction she is smart enough to find a way for her rights..
it's hard for ny forces to hv such visionary war of weapons..
hope u still fly with ur thaught's ...pain ends whn u dares to go high...
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