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Matt Baines
Christadelphian working at Coventry University
Christadelphian working at Coventry University

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I wrote about bedtime and my son's unsleepy, quite painful experience. Also there is a reindeer and an angry Duracell bunny. Now with extra photographic evidence

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My Son's Very Bad, Quite Painful, Unsleepy Night
I was home late from work today.  This really doesn’t have anything to do with
the story that I am going to tell but it’s always nice to have all the facts
isn’t it?  Anyway, I was late home from
work today, which meant that B got two of the children ready ...

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A Drive to be Forgotten
That’s it, just come a little closer, I’m going to tell you something tonight, a chilling tale of a man’s complete inadequacy.  It will be a story to curdle your blood and have you sitting up at night wondering about how such a man has managed to survive fo...

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Let me introduce our youngest girl. With extra Lance Armstrong jokes. Also, this is my 100th post!

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Speedy Arrival
I understand that labour is painful.  I’ve never actually been through it myself, so I cannot corroborate it from personal experience, but I am an observant fellow and I have experienced it through B on three occasions so I am fairly confident when I say th...

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An Ode to Many Arms
I once wrote, “ For one thing, once you have three children you've run out of arms, unless you're an octopus of course.  Not being an octopus, and only having the normal number of arms, I am concerned about what is going to happen once we have our third and...

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Garden Excursions
It is heatwave season.  This means a number of things.  Firstly the Daily Express gets even more shrill about weather than it is the rest of the year, seriously just click on the link above and I can pretty much guarantee that one of the first two or three ...

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Tomorrow I will have been married
for ten years.   Other than an opportunity
to use a nice juicy future perfect, this also gives me the chance to remind everyone
that I have the best wife anyone could hope for.   This has not been an easy
pregnancy for her....

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Slip Sliding Away
We’ve been away recently.   A week with around 350 other Christadelphians at a place in
Derbyshire.   It is my favourite week of
the year and brilliant for the children.   You really know you’ve had a great week when N is bawling her eyes out
almost all the...

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You may remember, and if not the evidence is right here for you, that I recently mentioned needing to find some way of growing an extra limb in order to cope with the whirlwind that is having a third child.  By the way, all the people who have said that hav...
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