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One Shot, and an FYI
Guess what Folks! I've joined the world of Facebook. :-) I'm going to keep up with the One Shot, but I think for simplicity I'll put it up there, so if you want to see that, and more daily things I'm up to, friend me (Kyle N Gretchen Phillips) & PM me that ...

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One Shot: Cover
Artwork provided by Snickerdoodle.

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One Shot: Daily Scene
Sugar Muffin is enjoying her piano lessons! I need to make her a sticker practice chart. . .

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One Shot: A Treasure
I took a lot of photos this week, and this isn't one of them. I actually took it last summer, but I wanted to post it today because:   (A. I did the post processing this week. (B. This gorgeous girl is my sister. (C. She just had her birthday. Happy Birthda...

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Celebrating Love
Last year we started doing a little activity before Valentines Day, and we had so much fun with it, I think it might become a yearly tradition. (These pictures are from last year, thus the trim tape and not-yet-painted walls.) I wanted to do something to te...

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One Shot: Angled

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One Shot: Natural Light
I came in while Baby was napping and found her little feet crossed . . .

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One Shot: Complimentary

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A Discovery
In my second year of homeschooling, I've discovered something. I don't blog well during the school year. By the end of my work day (usually 9:00pm), I just don't want to do another thing that feels like work! And that's okay, because I'm not a blogger. Mayb...

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Now in Bloom
Garden zinnias, wild vines, and our own pretty Posy. I know this isn't my kids blog, but I couldn't share Asher's story and then not put up any pictures of Posy. Besides, with pictures like this, who could resist? I mean, really! It's been an interesting pr...
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