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You're off the fucking chain! © Hot Fuzz
You're off the fucking chain! © Hot Fuzz

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Working with Maria Lluch Senar and Luis Serrano Pubul at CRG: a case of scientific misconduct, list of contents:

— CRG, Barcelona is holier-than-thou:

— Plain summary of what happened in CRG, Barcelona:

— Luis Serrano and Maria Lluch reject conciliation under a weird pretext:

— Luis Serrano, CRG, forces to talk alone with Maria Lluch Senar and… a certain «indicator, a precursor and a result of» corruption:

— Timeline of the project for the Mycoplasma DB at CRG:

— Maria Lluch Senar: colors of the work correspondence, data manipulation:

— Maria Lluch Senar & Luis Serrano Pubul, extracts from emails and talks:

— Maria Lluch Senar & Luis Serrano Pubul, negotiating:

— Conflict Resolution Committee turned out to be a farce performed for Maria Lluch Senar & Luis Serrano at CRG:

— Maria Lluch & Luis Serrano at CRG: lies, damned lies and dismissal notice:

— Full text of the email they quote in their dismissal notice:

— Recollection of phrases I wanted to say but did not dare — thought it'd be too funny/indiscreet and could make my situation worse:

— Events preceding: Iain Mattaj, EMBL, making sure misconduct is supported:
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