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"Religion is just mind control."- George Carlin
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as a closet atheist living in the bible belt, i find this to be true
Ima preacher but I do NOT ask for donations ... and I preach what JC taught .... God is inside ... WE are ALL the Gods of Our Worlds, the fact that we let Carlin in it just proves that he is a friend of God .... in my case God stands for Good Ole Dave .... God can stand for MANY different things for many different people and at last count there were close to 7 billion gods running around down here on Terra Firma ... but does anyone object to this reasonaing ??    
+Pastor Dave I actually kinda like your reasoning. Besides, even if he's not in heaven, the world's a bit worse without him, so technically he's in a better place by default
+Alex Beaird One's soul may ONLY be stolen shuld one ALLOW it to be thus.  I only have ONE rule in my life .... "Harm Ye No One" which I always joked meant Harm DeNoone!!!"  (personal joke tht only works if you hve a friend named DeNoone... RIP Markus).  

Oh ... and Yes ... I was a catholic for my first 12 years ... questioning for the next 2-3 years ... and then looking for an answer and I found it in the Bible of all places ... when the disciples ask Jesus where to find the Father, JC replied, "Look inside".  God is within us all .... we DO have amazing powers but our minds have been cloaked by the very people who teach us our rules and beliefs but fortunately I had Jesuits in High School and they promised that we would hve the skills to find the answers to ALL questions by the time we left High School and they were NOT wrong!  Once I realized that God is within us all, I went further to find out that there are certain Rules of the Universe as well.  Law of Reciprocity ... that which we seek shall equally hunt and cling to US!
During this particular time period, the Period of Conscious Co-Creation, we all have the ability to wish into existence ANYTHING we desire ... BUT with this one Caveat!!  Beware of what you wish for .... you WILL get it!  (For instance, thinking your car is a piece of junk may cause you to get into an horrific accident which turns your car into a piece of junk, literally .... be happy if you escape !)  Best to use this period to Create as God would create!  I am setting up my Jewelry Exchange and will be making exquisite works of art.
So, NO, to the mindless ruffarians who bully their ways through life.  NO to the mindless prayer zombies known as Evil Dark Christians, and YES to the wonderful people who give their time praying for the entire human race with no prejudices, monks in monasteries, priests who wage the war from their rooms, and people everywhere who can sense that something is wrong and are putting their positive energy into changing the future into a plausible happiness to be shared by all.  Ad majorem Dei gloriam.  Ego sum ergo ego sum. And for those who want to make a difference!!! IMAGINE the World being a Happy place, no famine, no fear, no hatred ... IMAGINE a world in which those words do not even EXIST!!    . 
With this comment of his it looks like he isn't going to heaven. Thank God!!! No one wants the old has been around forever. Imagine spending eternity with that piece of shit cackling all the time. nightmare!!!

Your Agenda IS That Of

What's Factual is
(you clown, will stand in GODS judgment)
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