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Mom, Grandma, writer
Mom, Grandma, writer

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Lamb to the rescue!
Two posts in April! Wow, I'm on a roll. Still a little euphoric about the new book contract. Am anxious to begin working with editor on edits. Will be that much closer to publication of the new edition of Disguise for Death .
Am also working on my third boo...

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April Happy News!
I didn't get a new post in for March, but hey, good news is worth waiting for, right?
(cue drum roll) I have a new publisher! Just signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish a brand new edition of my novel, Disguise for Death . The book features...

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Thoughts for February
February, a short month that holds Groundhog Day, the day for lovers, Valentine's Day, President's Day to honor two historical Presidents and every four years, Leap Day, February 29. Now there are four varied items as prompts for a story. Maybe I'll take a ...

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
I really didn't intend to take such a long hiatus from this blog. Different things just kept taking priority. I promise to do better next year! Are you trying to find the perfect gift for those on your Christmas list? Maybe one or more is a reader. Here are...

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Next Cam Locke novel
Some readers have been kind enough to let me know they enjoyed my first PI Cameron Locke novel, Requiem for a Party Girl . The next in the series, Delusion for a Lonely Girl , will be released by Oconee Spirit Press in September 2016. In this second book Ca...

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Resolutions and Pavlov
Well, 'pun' my
honor. I'm doing it again. Folks who despise that literary play on words called
a 'pun' might prefer to skip this week's column. If so, that's okay, just come
back next week, ya hear? I chose several of my favorites from a list posted
online ...

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I make lists. I like to read lists. Evidently many
people do since almost any magazine a person might pick up probably has an
article with a list of something. Either a list of things to get done before
Christmas or a list of items to never forget when leav...

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Open to More Learning
I have numerous writing advice and teaching websites bookmarked on my computer. I get caught up in what I'm doing and don't go to them as often as I probably should. One of those excellent teaching sites is by an author/teacher named Kristen Lamb . In one o...

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Not Really Gone!
Can't believe I haven't posted since last December. I guess I hibernated during that long cold winter. And now we seem to have jumped right into a long hot summer. We did have a little bit of spring. Thankfully, the two outdoor booksignings I've done for th...
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