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I wondered why I hadn't been on Google+ in a while. Then I checked the trending posts for #iPhone5.

See you guys in another 5 months.

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This is all of my ex-girlfriends. ALL OF THEM

Google. I am going to be in San Francisco in a week. If you want to hang...let me know.

Got this design refresh for G+. It's pretty neat. First time I've poked around here in a while. I'm pretty sure no one here knows who I am. Now, the mobile app could use a refresh. Care to speak, Kevin Rose, Milk team et al?

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I'm throwing this out there, assuming that Google+ has a geeky enough audience to help me out - does anyone use Fever (RSS client)? I'm trying to get something set up, but I'm having some issues. Using for my hosting needs. And yes, I'm setting everything to 777.

It's not that I'm down on Google+. It's that I have far more invested and dedicated into existing social networks, especially Facebook (rolodex for my real life), and Twitter (my de facto communication platform). I'm on Google+, but I'm not ON Google+.

Dial (719) 266-2837 right now.

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Check out my new blog!

Google Plus could use some keyboard shortcuts. Google has conditioned me to expect keyboard shortcuts everywhere.

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