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How to print multiple labels using BinaryPrinterCommands with neodynamic?
public void ClientPrintForMultipleFiles(string printerName, string filesInfo, bool isLabel)         {             if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(printerName))             {                 //filesInfo = filesInfo.Replace("FileName:", "FileName\":\"").Replace(",F...

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How to add and remove filter dynamically from kendo UI Grid
Get row and column index on click event

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Get row and column index on Change event or in click event
<body> <script> function onChange ( arg ) { var grid = $ ( "#Grid" ). data ( "kendoGrid" ); var row = this . select (). closest ( "tr" ); var rowIdx = $ ( "tr" , grid . tbody ). index ( row ); var colIdx = this . select (). index (); alert ( rowIdx + '-' + ...

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Boy : Baby i want to,say
ya something

Girl : ya ??

Boy : When you go home today thank your mom
from my side..

Girl : OK but why ??

Boy : Thank her cuz she gave birth to an angel
on this earth
Who is my life
and to whom
One day i'll make my wife

Girl :---blush blush~~~
Love ya so much ♥♥ 

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