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Originally published in The Texas Bank Lawyer, Vol. 39, No. 2: The
New Uniform Voidable Transactions Act: Should Texas Adopt the Proposed law? By
Kameron W. Mazurek * I. A New Proposed Uniform Law A. Choice of Law B. Series LLCs C. Allocation of Burden of ...

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Issac Newton: England's Unknown Heretic
            Many people
have heard of Isaac Newton and his amazing scientific and mathematical
discoveries.   Very few people, how ever, actually understand Isaac Newton’s personal
motivations that drove his scientific progress.   Isaac Newton was devoutly ...

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Darwin Day
Charles Darwin revolutionized the way we look at biology. In
fact, many people throughout the world celebrate “Darwin Day” on February 12,
his birthday, to commemorate his enormous contribution to the scientific world.
When Darwin first revealed his ideas t...

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"I don't know"

Separation of marriage and state

Some men think the Earth is round, others think it flat... But if it is flat, will the King's command make it round? And if it is round, will the King's command flatten it? No... -A Man for All Seasons
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