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Hi RopedJonesy. 

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I'm calling my first meetup for Submissive Guide on May 18th. Check out the notice:

This is the last week of my Speaking Submissively Series. What have you learned so far?

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I just made a page for Submissive Guide - first step done!

OK, I think my goal for the next 2 weeks is to learn how I want to use G+ for subguide.

Suggestions anyone?

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If someone could tell me how you learn to weave a piece like this, I'd be grateful!

Finally a new video post has been made! I'm uploading it to Youtube right now and it will show up on the website tomorrow morning!

Sexual submission seems to be the hardest for me to reconcile. After 7 years I'm still stuck in the belief that submission in the bedroom is docile and open to commands. Master prefers me to be open to suggesting what I want, carry initiative and drive allure. I'm having to relearn what I think sexual submission is and make it perfect for him. It's unfortunate that it has taken me this long to realize this.

The frustration he feels is palpable.

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