And for #FidoFriday .This is Jasmine.She holds my heart in her sweet ,squishy ,soft paws.I am one of those folks who loves their pets a little eccentrically(you've been forewarned lol).She's a 12 year old Black Labby ,she is also diabetic.Every day ,twice a day she gets her fancy Turducken and prescription dry food and her shots.I also happen to wind up with a diabetic cat too ( ,who is also 12 lol the odds,right?) so that's four shots a day and four different kinds of special food,not to mention vet visits and special blood sugar monitors,sticks and syringes.It's a hefty price to pay,so much that there is nary anything left for extras.Many months,I have thought I'd have to cancel our cable & internet.Luckily with some some good luck,my credit card and a little help I have not yet had to do that.Her and Chester ( the kitty) are completely worth it though.I mean look at that face lol It's pretty much the only reason I want to sell my photographs,one 12 can case of her food is $32 and she has 2 cans a day.I don't need riches and status,I just want a damn case of dog food :) Anyway, I wanted to introduce her,she's such a large part of my life,she gives me and my family such joy.When I am having a bad day or am sad, a little cuddle with her makes things leagues better, and as my tears are soaked up by her fur and I kiss her sweet face and she gives me unconditional love and grace in return,drying my eyes.I can't write much more,as I am already reduced to tears so I will leave you with a sweet quote :)

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.
~Unknown Poet´╗┐
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