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People are mean.

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GIS grammar note - The singular for "vertices" is "vertex," not "vertisee."

Got a ChromeBook. Google+ is a thing to me again.

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When I'm not supporting users, I spend most of my time working in .NET (VB, C#) and wrestling with monster SQL queries, which is fun, but few things give me the kind of joy I get working in Python. With ESRI continuing to trend toward replacing ArcObjects with their Python site package in ArcGIS 10.1, I see more joy on the horizon.

My evaluation of WinRAR expired and it gave me 4 options:

1. Buy WinRAR
2. Get Information About Buying WinRAR
3. Close
4. Help

Clicking Close did not close WinRAR. It still functions normally. Trying to figure out how that could possibly not be a huge mistake.

I typed in "socialism" so I could add it to my Google+ interests and I got inundated with garbage propaganda telling me how "evil" I am. Just a bunch of standard crap attacking a non-existent strawman that deluded idiots in this country call "socialist." -1 Google, -1.

No Farmville? Awesome.
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