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OMG! This Five Guys is totally vacant! No line! Better for me. :)
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What is five guys anyways
But what is it the five guys you guys are talking about
The chillies of of Fredrick St by the 60
Haha! 5 guys is over priced!!! You pay for everything individually . Avg person sends 8-13 for a meal there fuck tht. I'll take tacos from staples center!! Go kings..
Kobe Jordan? Wtf is tht? Is it like an Eggbert 
James Durant better less rings but bigger and better
Durant gonna surpass Kobe in scoring dude only 23!
Fuck bitches, get rich , and enjoy the wealth of your frds frdship! And oh fuck suri!!
All I have to say is go thunder
Not really but I guess it be nice if they got 18. So Paul pierce can say he's greatest player in league again smh 
How did talking about Five Guys turn into talking about Basketball? ? I got lost.
We should expand this convo an talk more about your buns. 
I'm not a fan of Basketball. :-/
I can only buy Five Guys Burgers for people who like Nascar. :D
There are a lot of Nascar fans in CA. That's why a Speedway was build in Fontana, duh! :)
You're the first I met. I think you just trying to get out of buying us burgers
I'm a NASCAR fan. They have great sexy beautiful fans, I mean we have the best female fans 
+Joey Numbers no, I'd just rather prefer buying burgers for people who appreciate a real American tradition. Nascar is was more exciting than Basketball, Football, and Baseball combined.
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