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Mothers Against Abortion celebrates one year protecting the lives of both mothers and children. Happy Anniversary!
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Over 157 Thousand People Showed Up to Demand the Government Respect Their Religious Liberties, and Stop the HHS Mandate to: Include an Abortion Surcharge, Contraception, and Abortion Pills or Face Heavy Fines.
"Light and transient offenses against our religious liberty never remain light and transient offenses," said U.S....
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Stay connected with us on twitter, as we post live from the National March for Life in Ottawa.!/mothers4life
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Mothers Against Abortion (Mothers4Life) is dedicated to the life of every mother and child both before and after birth.
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Mothers Against Abortion has the honor of sharing this beautiful poem: Beneath My Breasts by Judith Alciatore worldwide. #Abortion #Prolife
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BREAKING: Canadian March for Life smashes previous attendance records: 19,500

The largest crowds in history at March for Life Canada!
Under the constant threat of rain that failed to materialize, an exuberant crowd of nearly 20,000 pro-life activists gathered on Parliament Hill...
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Thousands expected on Parliament Hill for the 15th National March for Life
The rally begins on Parliament Hill at 12 noon and thousands will march through the downtown streets of Ottawa at 1:30 pm.
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The filmmakers had no idea she was post-abortive when they offered her the role of the post-abortive mother in the movie. She found healing through October Baby.

If you are post-abortive there are many resources to help you to find healing at:
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How did the second day of oral arguments go at the Supreme Court? It seems the Supreme Court Justices are Skeptical Obamacare is Constitutional.
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Mothers Against Abortion (Mothers4Life) is dedicated to the life of every mother and child both before and after birth.
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