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A few suggestions to make the app better. Having an automatic recently added playlist would be nice. Also, an option to be able to swipe up to bring up the queue while on the now playing screen

It's probably been mentioned before but the option to choose the color of the background instead of just having 3 options (light, dark, black) would be great.

A good feature to have is the option to limit the messages that show up in the expanded notification since when receiving a new message it can sometimes get lost when the notifications show like the last 10 messages

Good options would be maybe like only show the new message or maybe only show like the previous 2 messages. Something along those lines would be fantastic

Thanks for the amazing app and keep up the good work!

Loving Flamingo even more with every update. I have only one thing to suggest. An option to choose how many tweets to load in a refresh, as it is right now it only loads about 150 at a time so if you don't use the app for a while and then refresh it won't load all the tweets

I don't know if its been reported before but when loading tweets, talon completely ignores the option of how many tweets max to load
I have it set up to 1000 and it always loads around 450-550 tweets leaving me with unread tweets that I can no longer load

Kind of a noobish question but how do you access the menu that asks if you want to use quick pulldown again?

I know there is a template to make themes for this amazing twitter client, but I think an option to at least change the color of the accents without having to apply a custom theme, is a good idea

Is a anyone's rotation also broken in the latest nightly?

Is anyone else having trouble playing quizup on carbon?
It install and everything but when opening the app it immediately force closes
Nexus 4 march 2 nightly
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