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This is crazy! If I had one of these on my desk, I'd never get any work done..(not that I actually work at a desk, but if I did..)

Even after all these technological advances...

I still think Minesweeper is the best game ever.

Lately, I've been waking up with tense shoulders and neck, and it's not been fun.

How does one relax when sleeping?

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Meet Stanley, a Tomato Horn Worm, my newest pet.
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Do you like travelling?

I know a lot of people who have been bitten by the "travel bug" and they really like to travel. I don't think I like to travel. I'd much prefer to stay in a NICE hotel and just relax, or go eat.

Whenever I people-watch at the airport, on the subway, etc, I never get the feeling that people like to travel. They always look upset, irritated, bored, confused.. anything but excited. Maybe what my friends mean when they say they like to travel is they like to explore new cities. But that's not what I have in mind when I hear "travel." Travel to me is the time spent getting from point A to point B (or C, D etc). And I don't particularly like that travel time. Only little kids look happy sitting in an airport waiting for a 2-hour layover.

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ugh...waayy too hot..

It's probably stupid of me to ask, but I keep wondering: What would happen if the debt ceiling isn't raised? Who would the government be defaulting to?

what can I do in Detroit tomorrow???

I need major help:

What fun things can I do in Detroit besides the car museum? I leave tomorrow and need ideas!!
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