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Chrissy Watson
Silicon Valley Lawyer, Blogger, M.B.A. & Mompreneur #RaisingThinkingKids and encouraging women to #ThinkInsideTheBox
Silicon Valley Lawyer, Blogger, M.B.A. & Mompreneur #RaisingThinkingKids and encouraging women to #ThinkInsideTheBox


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Have you started using the new Pinterest Analytics Tool yet? Pinterest Pro +Kim Vij (of +The Educators' Spin On It) is sharing her superstar secrets on how to use it to rock your biz over at +Social Media Examiner - check it out!

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The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

So Excited!  On +Social Media Examiner I'm sharing today how the new  +Pinterest Analytics features help you get the most out of your Pinterest marketing. 

Read now:
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I was so excited to discover  newest release of Analytics for Business Accounts. What feature has been most helpful? 

Tagging a few of my Favorite Pinterest Experts for their insights on the newest feature!  +Cynthia Sanchez +Vincent Ng  +Peg Fitzpatrick +kelly lieberman +Jeff Sieh +Donna Moritz +Azure Collier +Rebekah Radice  +Alisa Meredith +Melissa Taylor +Zina Harrington +Stacy Teet +Tabitha Philen +Lora Langston  +Anna Bennett +Mike Allton +Daniel Maloney +Jennifer Fishkind +Susan Wenner Jackson +HelloSociety +Tailwind +Ahalogy 

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These summertime desserts from +Alli Ward look irresistibly delish!

#summer #dessert #recipes
Mouth watering, refreshing, and down right delicious!  We have your

12 Ultimate Summer Desserts
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#desserts   #summer   #sp   
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Wondering what to bring to #BlogHer14  or any blog conference you're going to this year? Make sure to pack these 5 ESSENTIAL ITEMS

What else would you add as absolutely must-bring things?

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A short and sweet TOP TEN list of tips for enjoying your first time at the Happiest Place on Earth as the happiest parent on earth:

We also have more PLANNING TIPS over on the blog, too (

What was your number one lifesaving tip from your first trip to Disney?

#disneyland #disney #preschool #travel   #vacation  
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Google Plus newbie? +Sarah Santacroce has some great resources to get you started.

Thanks +Jimmie Lanley for sharing with us!

P.S. +Jimmie Lanley is an incredible resource herself!

#googleplus #socialmedia #mktg
How To Get Started on Google Plus
Why and how to get started on G+ : listen first, act after

I confess: I reacted like you

In August 2011, shortly after Google+ launched, I wrote a post explaining that I was NOT going to be active on G+ because my target audience wasn’t (and still isn’t there). And maybe you have heard me say this on other occasions and it applies to all other platforms: first analyze if you target audience is there, and if it isn’t, don’t waste your time.

Google+ is a different animal

Now, almost 3 years later I realize that it’s different with Google. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is there or not. Because search results do matter to your audience, regardless of which platform they are active, right? So that’s why you should be on Google+ ! Because it’s Google! And because Google runs the search engine market. And if you’re active on Google+, you will rank better !

So how do you get started with Google+?

As always when I learn something new, I started to participate in Google+ and spent most of my time listening. When you start working with a new client, you should start by listening. When learning about a new social platform, it’s the same.

Here's a few people you should listen to on Google+

+martin shervington 
+Denis Labelle 
+Jaana Nyström 
+Stephan Hovnanian 
+Mark Traphagen 
+David Amerland 
+Rick Eliason 
+Ryan Hanley 
+Ronnie Bincer (for Google Hangouts)
+Denise Wakeman 
+Mia Voss 
+Krishna De 
+Mark Vang 

For my Swiss Audience: 

+Valérie Demont 
+Matthias Meyer 
+Carole Rigonalli 
+John Debonneville 
+Laurent Cornalino 
+VeloPlus (Suisse Allemande)

Check out these people, go to their About Page for more resources (or read my post for a summary : and learn from them ! 

Google+ is a different animal!

#googleplus   #newtogoogleplus   #newtogoogle+  
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+Carolyn Elbert has a simple recipe for making chocolate ice cream in a bag! Perfect for a homemade summertime treat.

#icecream #recipe #chocolate #kidsinthekitchen
How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream In A Bag

Making chocolate ice cream in a bag is a super fun way to cool off - and tastes so yummy!

#parenting #kidsactivities #kbn #icecream #icecreamrecipe
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This is a perfect summer learning idea! We're definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing +Jenae Jacobson!

#summerslide   #summer   #ece   #earlyliteracy   #earlymath   #kidsactivities  

And enter to win one of 3 $500 cash prizes being given away!  
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Passing by Target on the way to pick up the kids from school I noticed a hoard of harried moms trying to choose from expensive, picked over store-bought Valentines for their children's Classroom Valentine's Day Exchanges.

If you're in the same boat, skip the store made aisle and head to the craft and party sections for foam stickers and stripey straws to make these affordable, fun, and easy homemade Magic Heart Wand Valentines:

Better yet, check out your local craft store (like +Michaels Stores) for 50% off sales - like we did - instead of regular retailers since craft stores are already on to Easter at this point!

We made 80 wands for under $20 and have leftover materials to play with! 

#homemadevalentines   #diyvalentines   #kidscrafts   #kbnmoms  
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Are your kids as excited as mine about the Olympics? Here are some super fun activities featured at +The Educators' Spin On It by +Kim Vij and Amanda! 

#olympics   #kidscrafts  
Winter Olympic Activities and Crafts for Kids 
Capture the fun of the Olympics with a few of our favorite Olympic Activities with your child this month.  We're sharing activities, games and crafts with Olympic themes.  Follow along all month long as we bring even more too!  

Read it now: 
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Featuring Activities from +Michelle McInerney MollyMoo +Kristina Buskirk +Jenae Jacobson +Allison McDonald +Natalie AfterschoolForSmartyPants +Cassie Osborne +Jackie Currie  +Rebecca English +Tammy Dube +Deb Chitwood +Carolyn Elbert +Deirdre Smith +Samantha Soper-Caetano +Jill R. and MORE!  

Which Olympic Sport is your child's favorite?

#winterolympics   #sochi2014   #olympics   #russia   #kidsactivities  
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Homemade Glitter Glue from +Paging Fun Mums: my glitter-addict heart flutters! #kidart #kidcrafts #diy
Here's a FUN and inexpensive Homemade Glitter Glue Recipe - just in time for all those sparkly Valanetine's Day Crafts!
Louise x
#kbnmoms   #glitter   #diycrafts
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