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ESP8266 and Arduino for Logging Data to the Web
One of my students (Stephane Leahy) insisted I should find a way to include the ESP8266 in my grad measurements course for next term, so I had to give it a try. Now that I've proven I can do it, I'm not sure putting it in a course would be so useful, as thi...

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Serial Buffer Sizes on Arduino
Often you want to leave the serial port alone to send or receive data under interrupts while the main loop of the code wanders off to do other things. If you don't get back often enough, the buffer may overflow. The standard buffer size in the Arduino IDE i...

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Python Plots from Serial Input
The Arduino IDE doesn't do much with serial data returned from the board, other than display it on the serial console. Python provides a platform independent way to listen to your Arduino and draw graphs of analog data, or whatever you want. The code below ...

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Bigger Hammer!
I read a couple of things online that made oblique references to inverting signals, then decided I wanted to invert a TTL signal, despite having no inverter chips lying around, so... this code allows an Arduino to emulate an inverter that could be made from...

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The Times They are aChangin'
Dragon III is up for sale because we bought Signature, and Tom and Sue's Spontaneity is up for sale because they are about to buy Dragon III, and who knows how far it will trickle down. The best way to buy a boat is from people you've know for years, whose ...

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Dragon III For Sale!
After many years and lots of great memories, Dragon III is for sale. We would have kept her for many more, except a great opportunity came along to move up to a bigger boat. We have been upgrading all along, including a brand new RayMarine Wheel Pilot this ...

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I struggle daily to pass the Turing Test

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At least the old conservatives could add...

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"best driving SUV" may not be a very high bar ;-)
We've driven the #Porsche Macan Turbo. And it's the best-driving SUV in the world right now…
First drive: Porsche Macan Turbo
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Sleepy Wireless Temperature Sender
It would be nice to know the temperature in the greenhouses at Made in the Shade without having to be there. The obvious first solution step is a commercial remote monitor, good enough to read 300 ft away, which just manages to display temperatures from 3 d...
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