Recently I’d shared information on how to replace photos on Google+ using the Picasa application. +Scott Kelby had an issue yesterday trying to replace a photo so I figured it might be a good time to test the process and work out any kinks. The good news is that for the most part process works! I came across one issue and I’ve modified the instructions below. Thanks to +Cyril Bosselut for the original post. You can find the original post here:


Updating a photo without losing comments
required: the Picasa app (available for Linux/Windows and Mac OS )

- Open the Picasa app and link it to your Picasa account (link on top right corner of the app)
- Click on File > Import from Picasa Web Albums
- Select the album to import
- Locate the downloaded image by right-clicking on the image and selecting Locate on Disk on your hard drive and replace it with the new one.
NOTE: Any photo that is already in the Picasa app catalog will not be downloaded. Skip to the section below "Replacing a photo that already exists in the Picasa app"
- In the Picasa app, right click on the picture and select Online actions > Update Online Photo

Replacing a photo that exists in the Picasa app
If the “Import from web album” didn’t download the file you want to replace, it's probably because the image exists in the Picasa app. To get around this problem, do the following:

- Delete the file from your hard drive. I’m using Windows 7, as long as you don’t empty the Recycle Bin, you can restore the file at the end of this process. I'm sure this can be done on a Mac by restoring the file from the trash can, but I couldn't confirm that.
- In Picasa app, select File > Import from Picasa Web Albums, and select the album to import. The photo that you deleted from it’s original location on your hard drive should appear in the album.
- in Picasa app, right click on the picture and select Online actions > Update Online Photo

Replacing a photo in the “Photos from posts” album
The Picasa app does not recognize the "Photos from posts" album that appears in your Google+ albums. Those images are stored in albums by date. Conversely, you can't see the albums by date in Google+/PicasaWeb.
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