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We are a group of 6 HLF Skills for The Future museum education & outreach trainees hosted by Oxford University Museums & Collections
We are a group of 6 HLF Skills for The Future museum education & outreach trainees hosted by Oxford University Museums & Collections

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Well, I don’t quite know how to sum up the past year of
the HLF Skills for the Future traineeship in a few words. So much has happened
in such a short space of time that it has simply whizzed past! I remember our
first day where we wrote down our expectatio...

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My Experience of Skills for the Future - Corie Edwards
For the last year I have been
fortunate enough to work across the Oxford University Museums and Collections
as an HLF Skills for the Future Education and Outreach Officer Trainee. It is
hard to believe that a year has gone by already, but it has, and in sho...

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Working with Skills for the Future Museum Education & Outreach Trainees - Clare Coleman, Early Years to Key Stage 2 Education Officer
hard to believe that four years have passed since I met our first cohort of HLF
Skills for the Future trainees. Having trainees around does create extra work
but my overriding sense is that I have learned a great deal from them.
 Their enthusiasm for l...

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Craft Café: Planning a Museum Project from Scratch - Aisling Serrant
As a final
part of our year long HLF Skills for the Future Traineeship we have each had to
devise and run an independent project of our choosing. The project I chose to run was a series of 4 two-hour
craft sessions for adults on Sundays at the Pitt Rivers M...

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Great environments, inspirational adults and confirmation of who we are : an inspiring day with the Museums Association- Corie Edwards
Earlier this week all of the HLF
Skills for the Future Education and Outreach Officer trainees from the Oxford
University Museums attended the event Top of the class: creating a successful
schools programmes held by the Museums Association and GEM . It was ...

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Over the Rainbow: What happens when you get your dream job? - Mary Cook
Skills for the Future Traineeship did exactly what it said on the tin.   It helped me to push through previous
barriers, including the lack of a postgraduate degree, to join the ranks of
Museum Learning Professionals.   I am now
Lifelong Learning, Outre...

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Oxfordshire Goes Wild – Jenny Hulmes
Over the Easter holidays, I helped with an event called ‘Oxfordshire
Goes Wild’, organised by the Oxford Museum of Natural History in conjunction
with Wild Oxfordshire. The purpose of the event was to invite families to
discover and explore Oxfordshire’s re...

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The Importnace of 1:1 meetings with Skills for The Future trainees - Neil Stevenson, Project Coordinator
creating the training programme for the Oxford Skills for the Future trainees
it was recognised that arranging regular opportunities for the trainee to have
a 1:1 with myself as their Project Manager would enable the trainee to
update me with their pro...

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Independent Project: Training Volunteers - Hannah Eastwood
The idea for my independent project has stemmed from my
experience with my own career progression. My final placement is based in the joint museums volunteer & outreach office , which is where I fondly remember
becoming a volunteer with the Oxford Universit...

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Independent Projects -Neil Stevenson, Corie Edwards, Aisling Serrant, Rachel McLaughlan, Jenny Hulmes, Hannah Eastwood
A successful element of the Oxford Skills for the Future programme has
been the trainees independent projects. Towards the end of their training they
are set a challenge to develop an independent project from scratch. It provides
the trainees with an opport...
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