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Yew Tree Apps
Android Apps by Philip and Heather
Android Apps by Philip and Heather


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Our Family of Life Live Wallpapers

‘Conway’s Cosmic Life’ The very large, the very small, and the human heart
‘Conway’s Cosmic Life Free’ Free version of the above
‘Nature Life LWP’ From sunsets and seas to butterflies and daisies
‘Nature Life Free LWP’ Free version of the above
‘Heart Life LWP’ Free romantic special based on the taro leaf

Mesmerizing, aesthetically pleasing, and informative.
For your interest and entertainment we have included educational nuggets of background information on every image.

These Live Wallpapers instantiate the ‘Game of Life’ a form of software based Artificial Life devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. We have added the ability to re-seed the “cell culture” by touch and swipe.

We hope you enjoy them.

Philip and Heather

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“Nature Life Free LWP” a taster for “Nature Life LWP” available on Google Play.

One simple sample showing a subtle seed head selection from the 7000 plus in "Nature Life LWP".

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“Nature Life LWP” a live wallpaper for Android Devices

“Nature Life LWP” - images of nature combined with our smoothly animated variant of John Horton Conway’s “Game of Life”.
The graphically rich intuitive settings include a short snippet about every succulent subject.

We hope you enjoy it.

#Nature  #Nexus7  #Life  #GameOfLife  #Science  #App  #Android  #LWP  #LiveWallpaper
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Share a Romantic Live Wallpaper with your loved ones

Free, has no adverts, and requires no special permissions
Out now and ready to run on your Android Phone or Tablet


#Valentine'sDay  #Love  #Heart  #LiveWallpaper  #LWP  #Romantic  #App  #HappyValentine’sDay  #Valentine  #ValentinesGift  #Gameoflife  #Conway  #Android 
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Happy 75th Birthday to John Horton Conway from Yew Tree Apps

#Birthday  #GameofLife  #Conway  
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Welcome to Yew Tree Apps
At last we are announcing our first Android App.

Conway’s Cosmic Life  A Cell and Space themed Live Wallpaper.
This is exciting news for us as we have put a lot of time into making this app reliable, smooth, attractive, and entertaining.

See animated Artificial Life evolve on you home screen background.
Awe inspiring images of enormous space features as backgrounds for cell life.
You can choose a Conway’s Cosmic Life setting from dark space to pink dust, through burnt orange to vibrant stars; enough choice for a different look every day for over 27 years.

- 10 galactic & nebula backgrounds
- 20 cell, space, & symbolic foregrounds
- 4 cell sizes
- 4 smooth speeds
- 3 attractive animation alternatives
- background, foreground, or both option
- educational information for each image
- more than 10,000 cosmic combinations

Catering for a variety of technical and artistic tastes

- This will be a feast for your eyes if you like to see beautiful mesmerizing animated images.

- If you have an interest in algorithmic patterns and mathematical beauty then ‘Conway’s Cosmic Life’ will be your cup of tea.

- For those with a thirst for information all images have descriptive tasters, including bite sized write ups from the ESA / Hubble website, courtesy of their Creative Commons Licensing.

The clear and polished graphical settings make personalizing seamless and easy.

Works well on anything from old low end phones to the new hotness.

Tablet Optimized.

Bloat free and so light on the battery.

We hope you enjoy it!

Some Testimonials:

“It's hypnotic! I can't stop watching it... Works great on my HTC Desire Z”  Carl

“Beautiful application that is very smoothly done....very impressed!”  Andrew

“Works great on my Wildfire-S..... this is a MUST HAVE.”  Peter

#Android  #LiveWallpaper  #Hubble  #GameofLife  #Conway  #Space  #Nebula  #Cosmic  #Nexus7  #App 
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