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I volunteered to run DCC's Portal Under the Stars for GameholeCon. I've read it a couple times, and used it as a loose framework for a couple funnel-esque adventures I've written, but I should probably playtest it before the Con. Any DCC fans out there in the Twin Cities who haven't ran or played it before? If so, I'll probably host a playtest somewhere before October ends (and hopefully before the snow flies).

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Hey all,

It's been a while since I posted one of these here, but there may be some stuff some of you would want to check out, including gaming at Glitch.
This week, learn about the history of MN beer, check out a Harry Potter spelling bee, or dig into scooter culture!

Welcome to This Week in Geek, your guide to events of interest to the Minnesota geek community for the week of Monday, September 10th to Sunday, September 16th. Creative Night What: Arts, Community When: Monday, September 10th at 6:30 p.m. Where: Event…

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Took my DCC tote bag to the co-op, found an auspicious sign for this Thursday's gamer happy hour.

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* voting is closed. Lyn Lake has won with 57%. I'll see you all there. I'll wear a super geeky t-shirt and try to arrive at 5

Autumn approaches, and before the cold sets in, let us gather for a gamer happy hour during Minnesota's greatest month, September. Let's get together next Thursday, September 6th.

Come join us for an informal evening of dorky chat. I'm going to propose two locations 1. Lynlake Brewing and 2. Modist Brewing

Please vote. If I have even numbers I'll do a roll-off.

My goal is to arrive at either at around 5 p.m. This is meant to be a pretty open night for fun, so if you have gamer pals who are not a part of this esteemed group, please invite them. I'll probably shoot out an email to my gamer pals who are not G+ TCRPG people and I hope you do the same.
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Lynlake Brewing
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Modist Brewing

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I'm looking for 6 players for my 2nd session of Zweihander, August 25th, 2018/1618. Those of you who attended the first session are welcome to return and continue the adventures of your characters, and new players should be able to drop in fairly easily, pulling from the selection of Pregens I'll have available. We'll begin at noon, and there will be pizza. Email me to get on the list. If I can't get a quorum of 4 for the session, I'll propose a September date.

Your characters in this game are desperate souls who responded to postings throughout the Empire seeking brave workers for 3 square meals, beds, and eventual land grants. We're using a humans only version of the Zweihander rules.

Political chaos and religious tension have continued to build thanks to events in Bohemia, threatening the imperial peace, and drawing more desperate souls to Wittlow. Ambitious princes throughout the Empire are preparing for war, and hushed whispers about Archduke (and more importantly, King of Bohemia, and likely heir to the ailing Emperor Mathias) Ferdinand's are growing. Rumors are everywhere, and outbreaks of banditry, rabble rousing and other evils are spreading. Chaos is rising.

In our last session, a group of 6 traveled into Baron Wittlow's hunting grounds, all managing to escape with their lives in spite of bandits, cruel traps, and rumored greater darkness. 

Might have to bring the City of Seven-Score Thousand Smokes to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for Con Of The North, the Lankhmar PDFs are looking very promising

Finally got around to posting my GameholeCon events, in case you're looking to get slaughtered in the Hall of Presidents, A Mall, or a Portal Under the Stars!
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Just saw one of my players make a pvp kill in the first 15 minutes of a game. Vicious players this Gen Con

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Wilkommen in Wittlow.

Brave souls are needed to help restore my ancestral Homeland from recidivism, banditry and madness. Stay safe from the strife in Bohemia that threatens the Imperial Peace. We offer warm beds, meals, and a promise of land to those who fight, regardless of faith.

Baron Matthias Von Wittlow,

June 20, 1618

Hey gaming buddies,

This is a formal invitation to the Cape Arkona campaign, a game of Zweihander(a retroclone of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) set in 17th Century Germany, on the Island of Rügen on the Baltic Sea. This campaign is inspired by the 400th anniversary of the 30 years War, Annihilation(the 2018 film), lingering questions I've had about why people would go adventuring, and Darkest Dungeon, a fairly recent computer game of high-stress dungeon crawls.

My first session will be July 21st, and I’ll have 6 slots and pregens ready. Please email me if you’re interested ( once you've emailed me, I'll add you to my mailing list for this game . It will run from 12- 4 or 4:30, and I’ll order pizza for lunch. See more details below. If you can't make this session, don't worry about it, this is a drop-in game, so if you're able to make later sessions, you can just jump in with a pre-gen, some hope, and a corny German accent.

How this will work: 1 or 2 times a month, I'll reach out to everyone on this list and post a date. I'll take a maximum of 6 per session. Those 6 that arrive will either choose a pregen, or advance a survivor. Then the group will choose from one of two or three open contracts for the Baron. These will be short investigations, explorations, or dungeon delves. Every session will be set on the current date, but 400 years in the past. Dead or retired characters will be quickly replaced with displaced people from the ongoing conflict in Bohemia.

How the game works: Zweihander is a retroclone of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. That means it uses a percentile system with career paths. The basic die mechanic is: GM and player come to a conclusion about what skill an action is based on, then the player rolls percentile dice. If the roll is under their stat+ skill, it succeeds. If not, it is a failure. There is more complexity that comes in due to circumstances, assists, and doubles, but that's basically it.

This may all sound very grim and serious. It's set during a dark time in real world history, and features low-powered folks who are adventurers by necessity, and who might not be well trained for it. My intent is not to run an overly serious game, and to focus on
1) moments of regular people overcoming grim and perilous odds.
2) overwhelming weirdness
3) dark slapstick.

If this is not something you're interested in, and you don't want to receive email invites for this game, please let me know.


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