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Hey, does anyone still read posts in this group?

I just did some Ruby and Ruby on Rails work and learning I'm proud of: and (shortly to be pushed to Mashweb.Club is backed by a lot of enhancements for speed. has an integration of a lot of gems via my fork of Rails Composer ( and my manual addition of the Thredded forum engine (

I'd be very happy to help anyone in this group or in the Bangalore Ruby Users Group pick apart the code for their own learning. Likewise I'd be eager to learn how to get the last few percentage points of possible speed ( for Mashweb.Club and to learn more about integration of Rails engines into Rails apps.

I will make sure my latest code is pushed to GitHub if anyone declares an interest. Mashweb.Club will definitely have its code there anyway, though for now it's latest version hasn't been pushed there.

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I've been involved in IRS issues (reporting requirements I didn't know about) and Mysore Ruby User Group.  I've also done a little archaeological digs into my Git repositories for my Zen software.  It's been hard to go through those repos and try to understand what I did, but now it's getting easier (after looking at some of the first few commits, which were the big ones).

I am still interested in the mental discipline and freedom that Haskell seems to install.  And I would like to understand monads someday.  I have only a small inkling of why, even though the concept is supposed to be simple and easy to understand, that none of the tutorials I get into seem written for non-Haskell programmers.  To be fair, I probably didn't carefully select my tutorials and didn't spend enough time on the right one.  Then again, why should there be such an opaque forest of talk around the concept if it's so important?  I believe there's something important there, just as I believed there was something important about Common Lisp, which made me learn it.
It's been quite some time since the last meetup. Would like to know what's everybody up to with respect to Haskell. Maybe have another meetup? (Rohit, I guess you may have interesting stuff to share.)

I sent a couple of invitations already. Having trouble finding email address of Samkit Jain. Anyone know him?

Very much interested, but I'm in Mysore and getting a little old. However, I think having a decent computer now (not a 2008 MacBook white or 2007 Mac mini), my wheels will spin less. Any news about how the meetings will work? Could I try logging in from Mysore?
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