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AKA: Kpjimmy with 1 kid, 1 wife, 2 cats and one house to pay for...
AKA: Kpjimmy with 1 kid, 1 wife, 2 cats and one house to pay for...

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Hey all! Almost the end of Feb with my short week. And this means in TX, it's starting to warm up. Yesterday was 90F! Today is around 80F!

Well here is my WDIW (What Did I Wear) ending 2/24/17:

Monday: Holiday...bummed out lol

Tuesday: Put the sail cloth strap on the Aevig Huldra.

Wednesday/Humpday: Went with the / Lew and Huey Acionna serial number 5 of the production. On a shark skin strap.

Thursday: I went with the slightly modded, well modded hands on the Seiko SNDF89 on a Black OPs MN Strap from

Friday/TGIF: Went back with the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Steel (mouthful, no?) I'll refer to it as MPP Steel. I am having a blast with different takes with different bands. With todays warmer weather, I chose the sand zulu strap from

Bracelets by +Baris Kazak
Leather bracelets by
Paracord bracelet by Goldmountain70 on IG.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

Till next time!
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What is up people! It's Friday! And you know that it's now time for my WDIW (What Did I Wear) for this week ending 2/17/17....

It's 6 more weeks of winter thanks to the groundhog, but here in TX it's heading upwards to close to 80F!! The mornings are a chilly 50F so there's that lol.....sorry, don't mean to rub it in :P

Well anyways, here's my weeks wear...

Monday: I tapped on the Halios Delfin on a custom strap by in WWII canvas.

Tuesday: Got a new strap from AW_Leathers from IG. Vintage goodness for a great price! I immediately strapped it to my Melbourne Watch Co, Portsea Calendar.

Tuesday 2.0 (no pics): This was indeed Valentines Day, I got my first Magrette in after lunch! Such a great detailed diver/tool watch. Love this watch! lol.

Wednesday/Humpday: The day after Valentines, I had a full day with the new addition; the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Steel, or MPP Steel for short. The stock straps are AWESOME, but too big for my tiny 6.5" wrists so I took the cool deployment clasp off and put it on a custom Derek Jeter baseball glove strap. OMG so nice...

Thursday: Same verse, same as the first....The MPP Steel again, but this time on a vintage crocodile print on a band from

FRIDAY/TGIF: I really wanted to make it day 3 to the MPP Steel, but I chose not too lol. I chose the NTH Vintage Blue Nacken on a sail cloth strap from mrsailcloth on IG. The stitching sets it off!

Bracelets by +Baris Kazak
Leather bands by

Have a great guys and gals! Till next time! Oh and Monday is a holiday for us in the states, so short week! yay!
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With February in swing! I have heard that winter is still rearing it's head in certain parts of the US, like the northeast! I heard NY got like 18 inches of snow overnight!

For me in Texas, I hate to rub it in, but it's going to be 77F today. Do I miss the seasons? Yes by looking, but I do not miss the shoveling my car out to drive!

Anywho, here is my WDIW for the weekending 2/10/17....

Monday: Moonday with the Bulova Moonwatch chrono with a custom rubber zulu strap from

Tuesday: I went with the Aevig Huldra on a sand stripe MN strap from

Wednesday/Humpday: I went with the NTH Vinatge Blue Nacken on a admiralty natostrap.

Thursday: A new to me, new addition Seiko SNF89 with modded yellow hands that i won on a giveaway. I wore that with the rally strap from

Friday/TGIF: I am finishing off the week with another new strap from, a vintage and distressed strap on my Visitor Duneshore. Kinda mending the old style with the new. I love it. :)

Bracelets by +Baris Kazak
Leather bracelets by
Paracord bracelet by goldmountain70 on IG

Well, there you have it! Have a great weekend! Till next time!
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Hello all! Can you believe it's already February?!? With Punxsutawney Phil saying 6 more months of winter, things are getting in the swing of things. From Taxes to new movies, things are moving forward. Heck it was 80F here beginning of the week in Texas. Now it's a chilly 50F lol.

In any event, here's my WDIW (What Did I Wear) ending 2/3/17....

Monday, started off with the Lew and Huey Cerberus on a custom strap by

Tuesday: Another warm day, I went with the Visitor Duneshore on rally strap from

Wednesday/Humpday: I got some new wrist candy in from goldmountain70 on IG and also a new "seatbelt" strap (SOOO Smooth) on the NTH Vintage Blue Nacken.

Thursday with the temps coming down a bit, I got another custom strap from along with some handmade leather bracelets and I wore the Glycine F104

Friday/TGIF/FriYAY!: I am ending the week with another new leather band from It's the biscuit buffalo on my Nezumi Voiture.

Bead bracelets by +Baris Kazak
leather bracelets by
Paracord bracelets by goldmountain70.

Be well, stay safe and stay warm! Til next time!
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NAVI2 [The Sequel]

A new provocative vision of the future, where watch face and icons have merged.

If you are interested in supporting the project please like/share and comment below so i can give you early beta access (and possibly a free copy?) of the first watch face icon pack ever!
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