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thank u.... good morning Philomina!!  =)
very true, bad exists so we can appreciate the good
Yes its true .morning dear philomina 
Jesse H
So very true my dear Mina
Nice words, Thank you for sharing:)
It makes me aporeciate what I've got ... and what things to aspire to...
nice words but not sure thats how it works..
That is so true. When I hear someone in trouble for petty stuff, I'm glad I wasn't the one who did it. Then, I hope that person learns from it as well. 
so true, be thankful for friends that suck as they open your eyes to true friends.
Be thankful because it strengthens you to overcoming. :) 
from all the mistakes ive made ive learned not only to love stronger, but to value what i have
I like it without the bad things in life there would never be a different out come change what u can each day u have a chance to make life better one day at a time.
Often, bad things lead to wonderful things. Keep your head up. And smile ;)
good things always on my mind.bad things always from bad friends.
Roxy a
Love this 
<3 <3 <3 <3
sipi j
very good
Agreed bad things improves our experience in life and improves positivity towards siciety
Very true...... I must say that u post vy beautiful ideas.... :) :)
Love these thoughts... Really!!!!!!!!!!!
This is very true dear Im thankful for these wonderful words some of us need them on a daily basis they build us thanks Philomina
very thoughtful.... i wonder if 1 should be thankful of death if it comes your way.......???????   
before we entering for bad things first they have to think and then they have to move of her self
For sure ,,
It seams good and bad go hand in hand .
I agree! if do not get wrong also no true..
we travel from wrong to right, not from right to wrong,
if we have good friend circle we will get good stuff and bad circle means bad....thats it.
So very true hope its not a dream.can I go shop! Not sure yet if its real
How can I find out
So very true hope its not a dream.can I go shop! Not sure yet if its real
How can I find out
So very true hope its not a dream.can I go shop! Not sure yet if its real
How can I find out
that is an awesome piece from the bible
Sooo true when your eyes r open u anything!!!
Sometimes you focus on the bad things for so long that you stop seeing the good.
No Good,
Md Habib(jurong Shipyard) Singapore.

Have you ever realized like n the news how every one wants to report on the tragic and bad news over the good news? is that all people focus on these days? some times people just need to hear some good things to help keep their heads held high.
Roy T
WOOHOO! Chain letter spam! keep em coming!
When we are going through our problems at the moment, we pray they never existed untill we pass through them....

yeaH only bad things teach us a lesson ;p
wonderful. i have never cn it in this manner
I totally agree …my dear frnd +***** 
Very true My Guru has been telling this oftenTo be thankful & grateful fetches peace &joy!
Yeah that's true coz it's been happen on me already. ...:-)
It's all a learning lesson.
you can never know something unless you experience it the more something is experienced the more common place it becomes like second nature once you understand how something fails you then understand how to fix it
With suffering comes Freedom, Compassion, Wisdom and they are all Great..
Hy dudes here jazz wana join d crew dudy
It's like my anxiety top ten. Strangely comforting.
so true,i lost my father yesterday and it open my eyes.
closed my eyes.but,don't life.
Being tankful is always a good idea:-) :-) :-) 
yeah i agree being thankful is always a good idea
being grateful doesn't mean being happy. It means being grateful for what you have to abilities to do things like people on the roads with no food or house nothing to themselves to call there own. Be grateful you aren't them people GREAT POST!!
that's very true  u have to live it to know it or feel it which ever
it depends how you apply this quotes into your life, its a case to case basis, we have different principles in life....but i do respect each other opinion...
Thou know that it's beautiful
True. Just had one bad thing recently. Thanks for sharing the kind words. :-)
absolutely correct. its needed to be lifted up from the ditch in which we fall at times in order to see the unseen heart soothing good..
True we get busy and forget I guess 
mistakes is the true lesions in every human being life
i know right i got tons of words to describe that picture 
hey I'm over at the pilot at Upper Sandusky come and see me
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