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Whereever You Go, We Welcome You
Whereever You Go, We Welcome You
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Web Browser History – Then and Now
Are you one of them who have experienced firsthand the
evolution of the web browser? During the early years, if anyone thought of
surfing the web the name that instantaneously hits our minds was Internet
Explorer. At that time it was good, now it’s extinct....

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Bringing HR to an App
PanSpark HRMS is nothing short of a boom for all HR professionals.
HR has become the most essential part of any organization. With a slew of HR
software out there, HRMS stands out with its focus on ease of access and
connectivity. HR is a department that ha...

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Cloud Vs On-Premise Servers: The Debate Continues
Cloud literally means storing your data on the internet.
Could is simply a much better way of calling a separate process or term.
Imagine calling a particular process as Internet Computing instead of Cloud
Computing, which term sounds better? Most of you wo...

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The world is a Canvas and the people it’s brush
Man has been painting since the stone-age.
His stone-age drawings mainly of beasts are profound in his expression. Art
since then has come a long way, flourishing especially during the renaissance
period in the west. Artists use painting as a means of expre...

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Mobile & PC: The debate over Web Apps vs. Native Mobile Apps
The dawn of
the 21st century has ushered in much technological advancement. Humans are
entering in to a much bigger revolution, Shhh !
If you know the answer! For those who don’t know – it’s IT revolution (and you
thought I would say smart phone! LOL!). Thi...

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Resorts near Tadoba National Park offer pleasant stays
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is referred to as the 'jewel of Vidarbha', as it houses some priceless treasures of flora and fauna in its green natural surroundings. Popularity of Tadoba tourism in recent times has attracted many tourists from distant places,...

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Enjoy wildlife tours with an accommodation in Tadoba
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is both a national park and tiger reserve located in Chandrapur district of the Indian state, Maharashtra. The name 'Tadoba' is derived from the namesake God revered by tribal people living in the forests of Andhari and Tadoba r...

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Tadoba: the oldest national park of Maharashtra
The oldest and largest national park of Maharashtra state, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in Chandrapur district. Its name is derived from the name of a local deity called 'Tadoba' or 'Taru'. This deity is revered by the tribal people living in the...

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Seren environs offered by Mandarmani and Digha beaches
We had planned a two day picnic to Digha, but were introduced to one more beach located nearby, called Mandarmani. It is also known as Mandarmoni among the local population. Digha is a seven kilometre long stretch of shallow beach with scenic natural beauty...

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Sand Art of West Bengal catches the eye of tourists
Bengal tourism offers several options in arts and entertainment to
its visitors, besides its beautiful hill stations, abundant wildlife,
and virgin beaches. There are lots of interesting places to visit
near Kolkata, including the ones that are ideal f...
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