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Sumitra Chowdhury
Su's Kitchen By Sumitra is born out of sheer passion to experiment, create, cook and share recipes with people.
Su's Kitchen By Sumitra is born out of sheer passion to experiment, create, cook and share recipes with people.

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Instant Crispy Dosa with Mix Lentils and Simolina... Served with Turnip and Coconut Chutney....
Here is the recipe of how I made this recipe which is healthy too.

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Kachki Maach er Tak Jhal Achaar... (Ganges River Spratt Sour and Spicy Pickle)...
This is a sour and spicy pickle made with very tiny fish found in the stream, river or pond. I absolutely love this pickle and goes well with dal, aloo bhate or borta and hot rice. This is an experiment in my kitchen.

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Donuts with a twist filled with Rose Pistacho Cream...
Some Donuts for the evening... I hope you all enjoy the twist..
These donuts are made with whole wheat flour, oat flour, brown flatten rice flour and pomegranate juice. The filling is made with hung curd, Amul cream, rose syrup and crushed pistachios. This is a good snack for children. This is an experiment in my kitchen.

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Loitta Maccher Bora / Bombay Duck Fritters
This is an easy recipe for fish lovers. There are many Bengali dishes made from Bombay duck like Jhuri Bhaja, Bhorta, Loitta Maccher Tarkari etc. Here is a bit different preparation which is an experiment in my kitchen. This dish can be a good accompaniment with hot dal and rice during lunch or with evening tea. Serve it crispy and hot. I am sure you will enjoy this simple Bombay Duck Fritters..

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Shabji Diye Rui Maccher Patla Jhol
This is an old traditional dish prepared particularly when any member of the house is sick or if you want to cool your stomach down or prepared if anyone is in a hurry or travelling. This dish is loaded with vegetables and fish. It has a thin gravy / Patla Jhol.
Normally the spices are freshly ground into paste, but here I have used freshly ground powder. This is a very quick one pot meal served with hot steaming rice and lime wedges. Absolutely a comfort food...
This recipe is a must try....

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Whole Wheat Banana and Coconut Cake Loaf...
This is a very easy vegetarian rustic tea time cake loaf. I had few bananas which had completely ripped and that went into the batter along with the other ingredients. Love the flavour of coconut and banana in the cake.

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Garlic Coriander Baked Fish with Coconut Milk...
This dish is adapted from Thai cuisine... It's a baked dish and without oil. So definitely a healthy dish. Serve this dish with green cucumber, tomato and rice and enjoy the flavour of garlic, coriander and coconut.

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Gota Sheddho....
Gota Sheddho is made on the day of Saraswati Puja in Bengal and eaten the next day that is Sheetal Shasti. Gota means whole and Sheddo means boiled. It is made with 5 types of vegetables, spinach with stem and roots (shish palak) and whole mung dal or whole black lentils. Each of the vegetables are taken in odd number like 5, 7, 9 or 11.
Different household has different version of making Gota Sheddho. In some houses, they have it only boiled and some houses makes mashala gota sheddho.
I tried keeping my mother's traditional way of making mashala gota sheddho. It is normally eaten with panta bhaat.

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Cantonese Style Chicken Sausage and Green Garlic Vegetable Stir Fry...
Cantonese cuisine is a simplified traditional Chinese cuisine which comes from Guangdong province and is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine. The ingredients used in Cantonese cuisine, are spring onion, sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine, cornstarch, vinegar, scallion oil, and sesame oil, to enhance the flavour, garlic is heavily used in some of the dishes. Ginger, chilli peppers, five-spice powder, black pepper powder, star anise and a few other spices are also used.
This dish is good for starters. The sugar balances the flavour of the sourness. Love the flavour of the garlic.

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Macher Bhappa Cake / Fish Cake Steamed.....
This is an excellent recipe to have with evening tea or as a starter. The fish is boiled and mashed with boiled potatoes and vegetables and then set in a steamer or steamed in any vessel till it sets. This recipe is an experiment in my kitchen and has a touch of Bengal as I have used Kasundi in it. It's a very healthy recipe as there is very less oil content which has come from kasundi. For the bread crumbs, I have used whole wheat bread crumbs.
I am sure you will love my recipe as much as I did making it. I am sure you will try it out.
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