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Teens Talk Back
Teens Talk Back Blog - Research Happy last blog everyone!!!!! soooooo to begin....I have currently been researching for an hour and thirty two minutes and found this topic extremely hard to research.  I was trying to find something interesting and different...

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Tricia Rose - Hip-hop Culture
Dr. Tricia Rose received her Ph.D from Brown University in
American Studies.  Born and raised in New
York she spent her childhood growing up in Harlem and the Bronx, which I’m sure
intrigued her to focus on studying African American culture and hip-hop cult...

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Queer Representation
Queer Representation in the Media So here is the question I kinda/sorta
based my blog on… Whose voices and interests are being
represented? Whose are absent? W ho
has control over meaning and identity? Is queerness being represented from
its own perspective...

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Cinderella ate my Daughter : Peggy Orenstein
Cinderella ate my Daughter : Reflection Peggy Orenstein While reading this article, I was baffled. The way that this topic was explained and the many different points that were brought to my attention made me really think about the world, society, and how f...

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Columbine and other school shootings
Columbine and other School Shootings Alexandria Serapiglia & Tanya Serapiglia Timeline of Worldwide School Shootings  --- and another TIMELINE Shootings SINCE Sandy Hook 10 Years later -- the story behind Columbine 10 Worst School Massacres  - in the world ...

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A Cycle of Outrage (Reflection) - Gilbert
A Cycle of Outrage Americas Reaction to the Juvenile Delinquent in the 1950 By: James Gilbert REFLECTION First id like to start with, I think this was an AWFUL READ.  I hate the fact that society at this time puts a stereotype on all adolescents as being de...
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