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Lauri Loewenberg
Dream Expert, author, popular radio and TV guest... and pretty rad mom!
Dream Expert, author, popular radio and TV guest... and pretty rad mom!

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#Prince... why did you have to go? My tribute art...

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Em and Lo did a write up on my pin up art!!

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Here's why you keep getting that same dream over and over again...

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He wanted to stop dreaming about his ex so I gave him 5 tips that would do the trick. Also? #GigiHadid

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Here's an article I did with Cosmo on the 12 most common sex dreams:
1. Sex with the ex
2. Sex with a stranger
3. Sex with a friend
4. Sex with the same gender
5. Sex with a celebrity
6. Sex with someone you hate
7. Sex with a co-worker
8. Group sex WooHOO! (just kidding)
9. Sex in public
9. Sex in your childhood home
10. Orgasming in a dream
12. Pregnancy dreams

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Her boyfriend introduced her to his best friend. They really hit it off and talk and snapchat every day. Now she's having sex dreams about him. Here's my advice...

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Dreaming about your ex? Here's an article I did with Galore Magazine that explains why...

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This is a very very tough topic to discuss, but needs to be. This young woman was raped by her brother and physically abused by her step father and keeps dreaming about it. I tell her how she can use those dreams as a powerful healing tool. Please share if you think this can help someone you know.

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In this week's sex dream column with Elite Daily a man writes in with a very naughty dream about his wife's best friend. When I say naughty, I'm NOT kidding! I think I gave him some pretty good advice. But feel free to leave your own advice for him in the comments section once you click over to the article.

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Are you or is someone you know about to walk down the aisle? Odds are you or they are experiencing what I call "Bridemares," those frustrating dreams we have leading up to the wedding. Here's an article I did with The Knot about what those pre-wedding dreams REALLY mean... and how helpful they can be.
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