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Open-source productivity booster with a brain
Open-source productivity booster with a brain

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And bonus for plugin developers: create-cerebro-plugin is an easiest and fastest way to create your own plugin:

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– Who is it?
- New version of Cerebro!
All plugins could be uninstalled, 32bit windows version and more:

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Version 0.2.8: app icons on windows, user-editable settings for plugins, vim shortcuts and more:

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And reminder: if you have an idea for plugin – you are welcome to share it! Maybe someone will implement it:

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If you missed – here you have some new really cool Cerebro plugins!

1. Use pass, the standard unix password manager from Cerebro

2. A lot of people asked about it, so now you can use DuckDuckGo instead of Google search:

3. Github: trending and access to repos and users:

4. Simple plugin to search for all files on your Windows machine:

Post has attachment – great article about step-by-step Cerebro plugin creation

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More improvements and fixes are waiting for you in new version! Especially, improved experience of managing plugins

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Check time in different timezones with this plugin:
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Some awesome plugins were released during last several weeks!

1. Linux system plugin (restart/shut down/control wifi, sound, brightness, eject drives)
2. Get hash (md5/sha/ripemd160)
3. Eject drive on MacOS
4. Search on
5. Fast and offline access to 200+ API documentations by

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If you had an exception window when you toggle Cerebro window or any problem with plugins installation – it’s time to update
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