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Turnkey software platform for neuroscience research
Turnkey software platform for neuroscience research

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Want "your own" spreadsheet with the program for the SfN 2015 conference? Csv is available on github

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Post has shared content just got beefed up and now is simply amazing! Great job Michael! 
As many of you might know -- Debian is the largest and one of the oldest GNU/Linux distributions which integrates over 30,000 software projects into a turnkey operating system.  codesearch.d.n provides nearly immediate search results over this vast collection of code base. I find it using more and more often, e.g. to find the exact line of code (and thus identify a piece of software and better understand the cause at times) which pukes into my face ugly error messages  without identifying itself.

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Stop by booth #3419 at SfN
NeuroDebian/Debian/PyMVPA/Python/DataLad booth at SfN 2014 is getting ready.

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You help needed!
"Academic" careers of scientific software developers are atrocious: often without any stability guarantee (read -- "tenure track") and proper acknowledgement such employment positions might disappear. This obviously should leave possibly VERY popular and widely used projects without development and support. But, due to either self-ignorance or an utter humble dedication to the community (choose your own end of spectrum) it is not a rare case that developer(s) behind those projects continue to hack and support their products even after loosing their unstable employment positions.
Unfortunately, ATM #Psychtoolbox-3 (FOSS for both Matlab and Octave for psychophysics) core developer might be exactly in such not so pleasing state... But we all could help him out to get through the  rough times: . Tip in.

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"Python in Neuroscience II" special issue in Frontiers is getting rich of great papers presenting various software projects to boost your scientific endeavors.  Many of those projects are already available through the NeuroDebian, and we are thrilled to seems to be the first to announce availability of the manuscript from the DiPy project.
apt-get install python-dipy !

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Guess who is in the focus?
Linux Help for Neuroscientists - In past articles, I have looked at distributions that were built with some scientific discipline in mind. In this article, I take a look at yet another one. In this case, I cover what is provided by NeuroDebian. more>>

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NeuroDebian is ready to meet you at the SfN 2013 booth 4224.

NeuroDebian & your projects — let's work together

Dear NeuroDebian users and upstream authors of scientific software.

Over the years, NeuroDebian has became a useful resource for thousands of users.  We've grown from packaging and maintaining two projects needed for our own research (PyEPL and FSL) to over 60 packages related to a wide spectrum of computing needs — distributed computing (e.g., condor, cctools), generic Python modules (e.g., sklearn, pandas), and various neuroimaging suites (AFNI, CMTK, FSL, etc), just to name a few.  And software "packaging" is only a single aspect of the project; much effort has been spent on legalities (licensing), QA, universal availability, and community outreach.

NeuroDebian nowadays receives contributions from about a dozen developers either interested in packaging specific tools or seeking wide and easy adoption of their own projects.  Nevertheless, the core development team is still only two researchers spreading somewhat thin among all the projects and their research.

To sustain NeuroDebian and keep it growing, we need funding.  Therefore, we are seeking opportunities from you — our current and prospective users.  If you plan on submitting a grant proposal where:

- your research relies on NeuroDebian delivering you a stable, versatile, and well supported research IT platform;

- you develop open scientific tools and seek a robust build infrastructure, improved QA, and wider dissemination through the largest software distribution system in the world;

- you aim to share data accessibly and unambigously through Debian's common unified package manager;

- you plan to deliver a custom platform deployment or service based on NeuroDebian;

- or you touch upon any of the topics that are central to the NeuroDebian team's   efforts: results reproducibility, methods validation, research software and data quality assurance, etc...

Then, please consider collaborating with us.

It is quite possible that your research has already benefited from NeuroDebian and will continue to benefit from projects we have planned and initiated (e.g. testkraut, snapshotting repository, data packages, and there are more!). Including NeuroDebian in your research plans will ensure its continued availability for the immediate and real
benefit of the entire scientific community.

For example: if you plan to reply to the 2013 NIH Big Data Center call, we welcome opportunities for collaboration where the NeuroDebian project could play an integral role in your proposal.

Please reply to with your collaboration ideas, information about funding opportunities, etc — we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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