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I am tired of reading my thesis again and again. But I have to. I still need to check the reference, the numbers of compounds, scheme. Also, I need to check the experimental part which I did not even check once. And I have a time limit. I must finish by Wednesday!!! It is another fight!

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"The college’s Undergraduate Research Program (URP) was created by CST Dean Hai-Lung Dai to promote and facilitate opportunities for students to gain hands-on research experience while pursuing their undergraduate degrees."
"Students spend a maximum of two semesters in URP, said McGinnis. Infall and spring, they can earn three research credits, working a minimum of nine hours per week in the lab. Since last spring, students are able to earn $9 per hour for hours worked in the lab beyond their required coursework, up to nine paid hours per week. During summer semesters, instead of receiving research academic credits, students can earn up to $4,000."

If a graduate student works as TA in summer and do research at the same time, can he or she earn up to $ 4000?

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When reading the "panda" stories about how hella-uber-super-awesome fast China is growing and taking over the world, never forget the people whose backs the country was built on.

This was around 5 in the morning, it was just him and I. No cars, no people, no nothing. He already started his day by sifting through the remnants from last night's excess and was carting them to who-knows-where, the weight already too heavy to use the pedals.

This is the real China. The workers who make this behemoth lurch.

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One more before I head off to work.

Nothing too special, but a wonder of the world.

After upgrading Firefox to 7.0 version, it is a total disaster. It is so slow and crashes often. So I completely changed to google's browser.

I slept more than 24 hours in two days-new record!

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Fishing on the Sea in Atlantic City. September 17, 2011 (3 photos)
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Useful when you cite references.

Writing thesis is not fun.
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