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My Own Artwork : CITY FROM ABOVE : If you like it, please share :)
Get a copy of my workflow process pdf

I used 100% original PHOTOGRAPHIC elements to create this image in Photoshop. Took me around 150 hours

If you would like a download link I will send you a PDF copy of a basic How To Interview of my workflow process if you do follow these:
1) Please share this post
2) Please go to and sign up to my New Art Announcement newsletter. I will send a download link to all that have subscribed. (You can always UNsubscribe if you wish after you have downloaded the pdf)

(Last time I did this I was overwhelmed so am asking for you to please help me to help you and to make it a win win situation)

#trartist #mattepainting #digitalart #conceptart #arte #photoshop #photoshoptutorials #fineart #fineartphotography #breakfastartclub #breakfastclub

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When you fail, hide all the evidence of any previous attempts ;-)

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More stuff for Stalk LIST ;-)

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Looks cool!! Wonder how long my Desire HD is gonna last...

A lot of people are Not sure How to use G+. If are anything like me, you would've tried to find people you already know. When you didn't find any of them, well Ass-U-Me..G+ ain't new Facebook and bound to be MIA..(Not that Mia)

Abso-f**king-lutely right and it's not even supposed to be...To help you differentiate,

Twitter = News Feeds
Facebook = Friends
G+ = for Passion...

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Pleased to launch new ‘Branson’ currency with +Virgin Holidays to end frustrations over poor value exchange rates...
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