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Rick Duncan
Founding Pastor at Cuyahoga Valley Church. Encouraging young leaders to create environments that invite people to new life in Christ.
Founding Pastor at Cuyahoga Valley Church. Encouraging young leaders to create environments that invite people to new life in Christ.

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How abiding in Christ is like taking a walk
Walking with God As I was following along with our church’s Bible reading
plan, reconnecting with Old Testament stories about the patriarchs, Enoch (Genesis
5:24) and Noah (Genesis 6:9), I saw a characteristic that made these men great
for God. It’s simple....

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Discovering your unique, personal "why"
Have you clearly identified your "why." ?" As we get ready to launch into 2017 it's important for us to understand our purpose in life. Recently, I've been thinking about ways to help people understand their unique purpose and mission in life. Here's the a...

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Learning how your church can help to reach a UPG in Indonesia
An open letter to pastors and church staff members in NE Ohio. * Hello Rocky, Happy New Year! It was sad, but also good to see you at the Lore Kawasaki funeral. Hope all is well with you and yours. May the New Year be your best ever! I’m sure you would ag...

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A missionary cleverly disguised as a banker
One of my baseball teammates at Vanderbilt, Ed White, is now a prominent banker in Nashville. Each year, he sends a Christmas letter to his employees. I've posted it here as an example of what it means to be a "missionary cleverly disguised as a banker." Ho...

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A Guide for Making a Message Better
Today, I spent some time coaching a young leader who is going to be preaching his first message soon. He practiced preaching the sermon to 5 of us today. I created a sermon worksheet that we used to evaluate and strengthen the message. They gave us some goo...

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How Now Shall We Live? An Open Letter to America's Churches
past Tuesday, I spent two hours in a post-election meeting with about 80-90
African-American pastors because I wanted to hear their heart, feel their
concern, and understand their perspective. I’ve been friends with some of those
black pastors for almo...

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How to Lead a 2016 Post-Election Church Staff Devotional
How now should we live? Here is a short conversation guide to use
with your church staff to help your team process the 2016 election results. 1.       Read aloud the
following short article. Most of us are concerned about
the unity of our local church and t...

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5 ways to respond when a non-believer commits suicide
5 ways for followers of Christ to respond when a non-believer commits suicide I recently received a question about suicide from someone who attends Cuyahoga Valley Church. She wrote, "I can only hope that there is not another person struggling with the ques...

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10 principles for good sermon design
I am a fan of fountain pens. Recently, I scored a Lamy 2000 in a great
deal on eBay. I found that this pen was designed by Gerd Alfred Muller. Muller was
in the first class of industrial designers hired by Artur and Erwin Braun .
These designers followed th...
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