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So when are you adding N6 support for Themer?  Play store says my N6 is not supported....but i saw at XDA you guys say it is.

Need to figure out how to approach the church about getting a new board for the jam service.... Watched a video about the soundcard si expression 3....WOW blown away almost everything in one board... Compressor/eq/etc 32 inputs but would get the stage the board! But how do you convince the church that it's worth the total 6k they would have to spend....... +Scott Carlson

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Must watch!  Just simply awesome!
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

Glade to be back to work away from stress....So more family wants my wife and i to have another child however in order to do so one of the following would have to occur in order to offset expenses...

A) get a second job
B) find a job paying me what i should be getting
C) talk to my boss and ask why i am not up to a competitive wage
D) refinance my truck to get the payments down

but there are issues with each..

a) wouldn't get to see my family that much
b) not sure where i would look for one
c) wouldn't work and might push a bad situation
d) would push off Ashley from getting a new vehicle like she needs

Blah this crap sucks....

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God help us if this appeals judge is dumb enough to believe Oracle... Oracle you lost deal with it we know your a puppet of ms... go too your corner and shut up!!!!

Still can't believe Paul Walker died this past weekend.... I thought he was a good actor.  My prayers go out to your family and the family of your friend that was driving and was also killed. #rippaulwalker  

+NIA Ops how about this listen to the players and bring in things from iitc or stfu your crappy interface sucks. Oh and how about actually taking care of the real issue which is spoofers/dual accounts and item sellers. Fix that before you come and try to attack people about iitc.
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