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Really cool L&D story. You should check out what Cas and Virgin Media team are doing to retain knowledge in their organization.
Virgin Media uses Snagit to record employee knowledge before retirement. Do you have a plan for when your knowledge experts leave? #TrainingwithTS   #training  

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A tool that every educator needs!! 
We’re having a Snagit sale! Hurry and get your copy for less than the cost of four reams of paper. Already have Snagit? Make sure you share the news with your educator pals! They’ll thank you. #backtoschool   #backtoschoolsale  

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I was asked to host a live episode of the Forge at Screencast Camp. It wasn't without issues. We hadn't done one in a whole and had a new machine running that we hadn't tested previously.

We are working to bring the Forge back with a more regular frequency and new great info, tips, and guests.
We’ve got some helpful tips to help you become a better screencaster. Anton Bollen, TechSmith’s German evangelist shares his tips on a new episode of the Forge.

A little hard work, experimentation, and lots of practice will put you on the path to becoming a better screencaster. Hear how 10-year veteran of screencasting, TechSmith’s German Evangelist Anton Bollen, suggests you up your screencasting abilities on TechSmith’s web show, The Forge. 

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Here's my recent article on I share some thoughts about the Reel Summit. One of the great things about the emerging video landscape is that there is still a lot of room for small brands.
5 Lessons All Small Brands Can Learn About Video Marketing
TechSmith, the software company behind Camtasia and Snagit, is a small brand working very hard to raise its profile on YouTube. It has learnt many lessons about video marketing, by implementing and testing different strategies. Read about the 5 top tips the brand has put into practice.

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Are you working in a competitive industry where time and costs are huge factors in your organization’s success? Even if you’re not, who doesn’t want more time and to lower costs. We talked with Webcore, one of the leading building contractors on the west coast, about how they are gaining a competitive advantage with #Snagit . We have five ideas on how any business or organization can start using Snagit to save time and money. Blog:  

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Instructional Designer, and a friend of mine, Ed Queen created this great tutorial on producing MP4s from Camtasia Studio 8. Check it out and give his video a like. 

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You've been asking, and it's finally here! The latest release of Camtasia Studio for Windows and Camtasia for Mac has cross-platform recording files!

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Super simple video editing. Nothing fancy, but enough to clean up simple videos... not to mention all the other great Snagit features - including improved capture workflow that I have loved using for the last month or more (perk of working for TechSmith). 
A little cough or ummm shouldn’t ruin your video. Make them history with the new video trimming in Snagit. Read more:

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If you are a fan of Snagit or Camtasia, or any of TechSmith products, you should watch this video. Not only do you see a sneak peek of Snagit 12, you can get an insight into where we're headed as a company.

Once you hear what we have to say, let us know what you think about the future!
"Dear TechSmith, what are you up to?" So glad you asked! Watch the roadmap webcast replay to find out! #tsroadmap

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