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PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN has paved the way for other minorities to DREAM BIG!

He RAISED himself up with education and a VISION for Nigeria!

He showed us that EVERYONE, no matter what your initial background is, should work hard and stay humble!

Despite insults UNDESERVED that pelt him every day by those that promised to make Nigeria ungovernable by unleashing Boko Haram on our citizens, President Goodluck Jonathan still HOLDS HIS HEAD UP HIGH and has managed to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM ALL SECTORS IN NIGERIA!

TEN NEW POWER PLANTS have been built under OUR PRESIDENT’s National Integrated Power Plants (NIPP) project! Before President Goodluck Jonathan's program, there was a generation capacity of ONLY 2,500 MW. NOW, the generation capacity is OVER 4,400MW!

President Jonathan established 14 FEDERAL UNIVERSITIES for our youth, including the Federal Universities in Lafia, Nasarawa State; Lokoja, Kogi State; Kashere, Gombe State; Wakari, Taraba State; Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State; and Dutse, Jigawa State. No other president IN THE HISTORY OF NIGERIA has this kind of legacy, North or South!

3000km out of the 3.505km RAIL LINES across the country have been rehabilitated, including the Enugu-Portharcourt, Lagos-Kano, Portharcourt-Maiduguri, and FCT Lightrail!

Bridges are being built for NIGERIANS, including the grandiose Loko Oweto Bridge which will be designed with TWO DUAL CARRIAGE BRIDGES across River Benue with a 3.88km long approach at Loko end in Nasarawa State and 3.09km long approach road at Oweto in #Benue State!


#Nigerians, vote for the PROGRESS!

For more information on the transformation our President has done, read this article:

#TheJonathanRevolution #GoodluckJonathan #GEJTill2019 #thetransformationcontinues #forwardNigeria
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kofi mensah Adome

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kofi mensah Adome

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.
Am waiting for an x'mas gift.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama laughing as he answers a question from the audience during the second day of his three day teaching at the request of a group from Russia in New Delhi, India on December 18, 2014. (Photo by Tenzin Choejor/OHHDL)
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kofi mensah Adome

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All the Hits All Night Long tour comes to the #UK & #Europe in #February & #March
Tickets available Friday, the 26th at
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The Celebration of Christmas gives us the opportunity to show love to family, love ones’, friends and the less privileged.
Let us share with the aged this Christmas to show love and put smiles on the faces.
As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are leaning on you and the corporate world to lend your hands to support this course.
“Blessed is the hands that giveth”
Kindly make some donations towards the December to Remember Project.
Donate generously in aid of the aged this festive season:
Account Name     :   Adome Kofi Mensah
Account Number       :   1081010000365 
Ghana Commercial Bank – (Tema Branch)
Today you are young, tomorrow you will be remembered.
Thanks for contributing your widow’s might
Thanks for sharing with the aged
Your support for the aged had been acknowledged, you must Remember This December.
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Speaker of Parliament to Face Supreme Court Soon
The secretary for the speaker of Ghana’s parliament had given me the order to commence legal actions against his boss. In a conversation I had with her on 12-2-2015, she said “go ahead”.
She laughed at the time I mentioned to her “I will send the speaker of parliament to the supreme Court” for his contravention of his oath of office.
Article 2 of Ghana’s Constitution, 
1. A person who alleges that – 
a. An anactment or anything contained in or done, under the authority of that or any other enactment; or
b. Any act or omission of any person; is inconsistent with, or is in contravention of a provision of this constitution, may bring an action in the Supreme court for a declaration to that effect.
The speaker per a letter dated 28 – 09 – 2010, failed to enforce Article 294 of the 1992 Constitution 294 (1) for the purposes of enforcing any provisions of this constitution, a person is entitled to legal aid in connection with any proceedings relating to this constitution if he has reasonable grounds for taking, defending, prosecuting or being a party to the proceedings.
(2)Subject to clause (1) of this article, Parliament shall by or under an Act of Parliament, regulates the grant of Legal Aid.
(3)Without prejudice to clause (2) of this article, Parliament may under that clause provide for the granting of legal aid in such matters other than those referred to in clause (1) of this article as may be prescribed by or under that Act.
(4)For the purposes of this article, legal aid shall consist of representation by a lawyer, in the steps preliminary or incidental to any proceedings or arriving at or giving effect to a compromise to avoid or to bring to an end any proceedings.
Therefore my quest to seek justice to this effect at the Supreme Court.
My visit to the Office of  the speaker of Parliament on the 11 – 2 – 2015, to remind them of their inability to grant me legal aid have prompted this action, haven’t waited close to five years for Justice.
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kofi mensah Adome

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                                   DO NOT BLAME GOVERNMENT
                                   THE BANK OF GHANA HAD WOEFULLY 
              After coming into force of the 1992 constitution,all
institutions of state charged with responsibilities to drive the country to our destination should have taken their drivers seat.
One such institution is the Bank of Ghana.
Under article 183,2 The bank of Ghana shall a,promote and maintain the stability of the currency of Ghana and direct and regulate the currency system in the interest of the economic progress of Ghana. 
How much was the dollar and other currencies as at 7th January 1993,how much are those currencies today?
Have the Bank of Ghana lived up-to her constitutional mandate?
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kofi mensah Adome

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I thought it was a good thing to associate with the Ghana commercial bank for obvious reasons, when I got  in there to find out their conditions to allow me to become one of their customers I felt it was normal.
Even though  on that faithful day in October of 2014,a water bill or electricity bill formed one of their conditions, I requested to know why this was happening at the commercial bank in the 21st century,
 I was told it was a demand by the central bank, said one of the officials, upon previous interrogations I completed my forms on October 12, 2014. Unfortunately   I was not furnished with an account number on that day and was requested to call again on the 14th October 2014 due to network challenges, regardless of the fact that all other transaction at the bank were in section. 
This notwithstanding I endeavored to meet the request imposed on me only to be meet with disappointment on the day in question with the excuse that, the link was slow and that they will give me a call immediately things normalize, I have to come back after almost six day trying to open a commercial bank account.
It was until the 16th October 2014 that I received a text at about 18:20hours when the account number was sent to me, 
Again on 13th Nov 2014 I wanted to be sure that the account number existed due to the delay and uncertainty surrounding the transaction, I decided to save GHc50.00 in addition to the deposit of GHc50.00.
My checks from the cashier indicated that the account was a valid one. 
On 19th Dec 2014, I went to verify the account since it was used for a transaction, I was greeted with shocks to my marrow. 
I have to pay GHC 1.00 before I was told how much I had in my account and this was not different from all other account holders who equally wanted to know the state of their accounts.
I remember very well that, many years ago when I used to have a Post Office Savings account, no one tells me how much money I had in my account because, all the records were in my savings book and I went on with my transactions without paying for assistance.
More importantly, these payments are without records as to who gains from the payment, be it the bank or the individual.
I later went to the cashier to ask how I could withdraw a few cedis to use as transport back home, I was told I needed a withdrawal book, I went back to the counter to find out how I could get one, “where you not given a withdrawal book” NO. You have to pay GHC 7.00 and this will be deducted from your account. A few minutes later I was given a counter withdrawal leaflet and was ask to pay GHC 4.00.
I was told I could only withdraw GHC 49.00 but because of the deduction I was left with GHC 42.00, finally I end up paying GHC 12.00 in all for the transactions of the day. 
Meanwhile, I was asked to come back in the first week of January before I can have a withdrawal book. 
I wonder if it is morally right for a bank to make deduction from one’s bank account without any documentation and other payments without the issuance of receipt.
Am very much aware that any deposit in an account belongs to the account holder and why on this occasion only GHC 50.00 was the sum left in my account lives me in doubt. 
To be very sure of whatever transpired, the final judgment will rest in the bosom of the Bank Statement and I was patiently waiting since the year had almost ended.
If they have not arrogated to themselves non ethical powers which are not in line with best practice – I wonder.
In Banking, there is a Bank Reconciliation Statement, there is also a Bank Statement which is the right of the Bank’s customers, I want to question the integrity of any banking Institution that is unable to serve a Bank Statement on her customers, this will mean a breach of banking rules and fraud on customers.
As at the time of posting this publication, I have not received a statement of accounts.
If I get up one morning  and go to the bank to withdraw from my savings, should the bank tell me I have no money in my account, What evidence do I have to justify that I have money in my account?
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kofi mensah Adome

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I will be on my way to the mountains to celebrate Christmas.
I wish you Christmas in advance.and a positive  new year.
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kofi mensah Adome

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All night LONG.
Gathered a few of my releases, which of these albums is your favorite? #lovemyfans
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